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Saturday, October 18, 2014

ARC Review: Bad Blood by Nicky Peacock

The Zombie Apocalypse is happening and the only hope for the human race is the Vampires. It’s a good idea and if you’re a fan of zombies and their apocalypse you would have thought “What about the vampires?” or “What if The Walking Dead characters had vampires helping them?” Nicky Peacock had a great idea but the execution was a little lacking. The characters were good and I liked their backgrounds and their repartee is good but the whole thing seemed rushed. Technically a young adult but the main character is a vampire who’s been one for five centuries so not really still a teenager just forever stuck looking like she’s nineteen.

Britannia has spent most of her years stalking and killing other vampires, she has a strong history as the go to girl when vampires need killing. She mainly kills the other children of her sire, Nicholas, who took her away from the man she loved and turned her against her will and believes he also murdered her love. She hates him with a passion and continues to hold a grudge after five centuries. With almost no notice the vampire elders notify Britannia and two others in the London area that the humans have killed themselves and the zombie apocalypse is upon them and to herd as many humans as they can up to the highlands of Scotland to a safe place, where they will search for a cure. Unfortunately the other vampire Brit has to work with is Nicholas. Their mutual friend Philippe has gone missing as Brit and Nicholas round up as many humans as possible to move to safety. Brit finds who she thinks is the reincarnation of her lost love an American soldier, Josh, who rekindles the feelings in her she tried to bury long ago.

They hit a snafu when their missing vampire friend turns up tainted by the bad blood of the zombies and now is acting as Zombie King and is out to kill Brit and her group of humans. Meanwhile Nicholas is confessing his everlasting love for Brit and one of the young humans is dying of cancer begging Brit to save him. If I had to pick something to compare this book to I would say it’s a mix of Resident Evil and The Walking Dead. Brit has some very Alice (Milla Jovovich’s character in Resident Evil) like moves when she is kicking zombie ass. There are some parts I really liked and other parts I just really didn’t enjoy.

**ARC provided by Author**

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