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Monday, October 13, 2014

ARC Review: Make It Right by Megan Erickson

Make it Right is a really cute story. I think it was classified as New Adult and I can see it that way because it deals with people in college but it was a lot less angsty than other New Adult novels I have read, so if you are looking for something in the younger age group but that is different from all the other New Adults out there, Make It Right is for you.

Lea and Max are like oil and water. Everytime he is near her he seems to insult her, ignore her or make fun of her. Somehow it just never works out when they are together. But Max does like her and he hates that he can’t seem to get the right words out around her, he never has any problems with any other girls he meets. Lea was involved in an accident in her teen years and it has left her scarred and she walks with a limp. Because of this she likes to be in control and being around Max makes her feel like she has less control. So of course they end up thrown together teaching a self-defense class because of a rash of robberies on campus that has hit too close to home for Lea. While teaching together they start to gel better and Lea sees redeeming qualities in Max where she didn’t see them before. Max starts feeling protective of Lea but not in a “you are a helpless female way” but in a supportive wonderful way.

At this point the chemistry explodes off the pages. You knew it was there before with their bickering but when they start to get along it comes through more fully. I enjoyed watching their relationship develop. I also enjoyed seeing Kat and Alec from the first book in this book and I can’t wait to go back and read Make It Count.
The storyline was intriguing with the robberies thrown in as a way to get Max and Lea together. I also loved the relationship aspect. Of course there is a conflict and I felt that was a great addition to the story. And all-in-all I enjoyed reading this book. It’s more light and fun than most New Adults, but there are some histories that must be dealt with and some angst included, but overall it felt a lot lighter than most books in this genre which is nice.

If you are looking for a fun and serious mixed together with an interesting romance then Make It Right is just for you. And though it is the second book in the Bowler University series, it can be read as a stand-alone. Alec and Kat from Make It Count are in the book, but down deep these are romances, so the fact that they get together is not a surprise. I think this is a great series and I will be reading the first book soon and the third book when it comes out.

**ARC provided by Publisher**

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