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Sunday, October 12, 2014

Audiobook Review: Connected by Kim Karr, Narrated by Veronica Meunch and Christian Fox

I really loved Connected by Kim Karr when I first read it, so when I had the opportunity to review the audiobook version of the story I couldn't wait to listen to River and Dahlia's story. Kim Karr did such an excellent job writing Connected and starting her Connections series, that I really wanted to know what the story sounded like. I thought that the narrators, Veronica Meunch and Christian Fox did a really great job of bringing these characters to life. I can't wait to listen to the rest of this series after hearing this book, and I think that if the rest of the audiobooks are like Connected that it will just make me love this series that much more.

Dahlia London is left heartbroken after losing her fiance in a horrible tragedy. She has been unable to move forward with her life and is left completely shattered. When her best friend finally convinces her to take a job with her again, Dahlia ends up reconnecting with the sexy lead singer of the Wilde Ones, River Wilde. River and Dahlia met years ago, and there was an instant attraction and connection between them. But with Dahlia having a boyfriend, she left before anything could happen between them. River has never forgotten about her though, and is determined to make her his the second time around. As Dahlia begins to give in to her feelings for River, she struggles to truly let go of her past and move forward. But when her past collides with her present, what will happen for River and Dahlia?

I love River and Dahlia so much. These characters are fantastic, and it is so clear that they belong together. They are great as individuals, but they really shine when put together. I loved watching these two reconnect and really get to know one another on a deeper level. River and Dahlia have a ton of chemistry and things are downright steamy between them. But what makes River and Dahlia such a great couple is that they connect on every level. They both have painful pasts and have had to deal with so much, and yet they are able to heal one another and find the support that they need in each other. Their bond is undeniable, and it is impossible not to feel the emotions between these two. I thought that Veronica and Christian did a great job of voicing these characters, and they really seemed to fit the characters. They were very clear and easy to understand, and I found their voices easy to listen to. Sometimes with audiobooks the wrong narrator can really ruin even the best of stories, but that was not the case here. These narrators brought them to life and enhanced the story in a way that just reading the book doesn't do. Not only did they do a great job with River and Dahlia, but I thought that both narrators did a great job of distinguishing between other characters as well, and it was always easy to tell which character was speaking at the time.

My one complaint and the reason for a four star rating instead of a five was that I didn't care for the way that the audiobook transitioned from one narrator to the next. It happens at about 1/2 to 3/4 of the way through the book and was kind of disorienting to me. I liked getting both POVs and I loved the performances by the narrators. But it was kind of an odd way to switch between male and female narrators, and I kept wondering if it was going to switch back or if it was switched for good. I just felt like there had to have been a better way to accomplish the switch and make it more smooth than it felt. I definitely still recommend this book though, and I think that despite that complaint that the audiobook is worth the listen. This book does end with a cliffhanger but Torn is already out and picks up right where this one leaves off, so you don't have to wait to see what happens next. I really love this series and Kim Karr's writing, and I will absolutely listen to more by Veronica Meunch and Christian Fox again.

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