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Thursday, October 16, 2014

Audiobook Review: Lord of Vengeance by Lara Adrian, Narrated by Antony Ferguson

Lord of Vengeance was a really enjoyable audiobook. I really enjoyed the plot, characters and the pacing of the story. I have not read Lara Adrian before and I will definitely be adding her to my to-read list.

Gunnar Rutledge, our hero, was a fascinating character. I really loved him and enjoyed watching his evolution. When the story begins Gunnar witnesses his parent’s death. Although he is too young to do anything about it he dedicates his life to vengeance. Gunnar has trained and prepared himself for the moment when he will be able to avenge his parents’ death. The object of his vengeance is Lord De'bussy. By some coincidence he stumbles upon a maiden in need of help that maiden is Rainna, De’Bussy’s daughter. At the time Gunnar does not know this.

Rainna was raised by her father, her mother died when she was still very young. Rainna adores her father and he her. She believes that her father is her hero. She worships him and is often spoiled by him. Rainna’s upbringing is very sheltered and for the most part uninhibited. Her father does not impose any rules or boundaries on her. When she meets Gunnar she feels immediately pulled to him but she soon realizes that Gunnar has one objective and has had one objective all his life-destroy her father. Rainna is very loyal to her father and the people she grew up with. When Gunnar takes her hostage the tension builds not only between Gunnar and Rainna but with De’Bussy as well.

Rainna is a likeable character but she is very naïve when the story begins. Often times she seems almost childlike. Gunnar and Rainna could not be any more different. They childhoods and their drives are opposites but they cannot ignore their pull to one another.

I really loved this story! I loved the characters, the battles the tension and the unraveling of all the secrets that become known throughout the story. Rainna and Gunnar were a fantastic character. They really challenged each other and with a lot of effort they were able to learn to trust each other despite them being enemies. The narrator was also great! I have to confess that his mimicking of Rainna took me some getting used to and I think that maybe a female playing Rainna would have worked better because some moments seemed comical when the narrator plays Rainna’s part. This was such a fantastic story!

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