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Thursday, October 16, 2014

ARC Review: Tempted by Midnight by Lara Adrian

When I first found out that the lovely Lara Adrian was going to be a part of the 1001 Dark Night’s Series, I was flat-out stoked! Then, I learnt that the main character was going to be the mysterious Lazaro Archer, and I became more like an excited schoolgirl with her first crush, than an adult who simply is addicted to everything Breed. After all, this is the tortured soul, the male breed who lost his entire family (with the exception of Kellan), including his lifelong mate Ellie, more than two decades ago due to the deranged plans of Dragos (the first enemy of the Order). Without a doubt, I was hungry to see how Lazaro not only received redemption from his dark past, but who gave him a chance at another happy ending.

For those who haven’t read the Midnight Breed Series, this is a novella and book number 12.5 in the entire series, to be exact. As for the Breed, well, you will be delighted by the intricate world Lara created as well as how unique her version of vampires are. Simply put, they are an ancient crash-landed species on Earth that we typically would see as vampires. They have different unique ESP talents as well as a penchant for blood, while hiding in the shadows. However, they have souls, they protect the human world, and they can only hybridize with our human counterparts known as Breedmates. Of course, I would recommend reading all of the books prior to this one, but it is not necessary. Naturally, having more background information is always good, but jumping right into this book without reading the first 12 books wouldn’t detract from the wonder of the story itself.

We first met Lazaro Archer in book eight, Taken by Midnight, when he was initially warned about Dragos (the grandson of the Ancient who had been in hiding whilst creating an army of Gen One Assassin’s, and plotting genocide). However, as readers we had no clue what would happen to him, just that Dragos had been killing Gen One’s in an attempt to kill potential threats. No clue did we have, that Dragos would murder every living member of Lazaro’s Darkhaven and every person under his care, with the exception of his grandson Kellan Archer (simply by chance). As one would imagine, Lazaro kept himself at a distance from everyone after such a tragic event. Even twenty-plus years later, he is still alone, and now the general at the Order’s Command Center in Italy.

He is the epitome of brutal inner strength, focus, control, and honor. That is, until Melena comes into the picture. She is the daughter of a GNC member known as Byron Walsh, Lazaro’s friend and a needed figure in Breed and human relations in order to ensure peace. As a meeting is underway between Paolo Turati (the brother of Italy’s newly elected President), and Byron Walsh to further peaceful relations, a deadly plan is in play. The impact of a menacing attack during Lazaro and Melena’s first real verbal interaction and the gathering itself, leaves Melena in shock with many dead. Lazaro is forced to save her life, driven by nobility and the need to protect, while resisting the temptation Melena herself presents.

While Melena is no longer the boyish, stubborn seven year old Lazaro saved from drowning 22 years ago while Byron and his family came to visit, she is still off limits as far as Lazaro is concerned. For the first time in so many years, his desire for a woman is causing him to lose control and confront his past. He is so full of guilt, and pain that I could understand his cowardice. He not only risked betraying his former mate’s memory, but was terrified of loving another woman, only to lose her. As an Order member, let alone the general of one of many command centers, his duty is dangerous; hell, he is danger for that matter.

Because of such facts, I loved being a part of his conflict and his journey in learning that love is a risk worth taking. I hungered in anticipation watching Lazaro’s control crack, and withered in a lovingly awed silence as he slowly softened and his shields began to dissolve.Melena, well, I just laughed and smiled as her fiery personality engulfed everything around her. She is the opposite of Lazaro in many ways. For example, she does not rein in her emotions at all. It does not matter who she is speaking with, or what the topic of conversation is. She throws every piece of information on the table, and strikes fiercely with her feelings exposed for all to see. She has a sharp wit, foul mouth, and never back’s down. Not even from Lazaro, despite his ruthlessness during certain parts of the story. So, to say that Lazaro met his perfect match is an understatement. Furthermore, when we discover where the threat to Melena took root, they made a great team; an honorable, honest team.

To make this story even more amazing, Lara added in Jehan and Savage. Oh my! Jehan, took my breath away with his use of diction and his intelligence (plus, I visualize eyes like the sea and skin with a deep bronze color…and beautiful caramel-brown waves). Then, there is Savage (Sav); surfer boy incarnate with an accent, golden smile, and oh so charming smart-ass remarks with sincerity. I am even more excited to read more about these two, and I hope Lara writes them each their own little happily-ever-after. To say that I was pleased with this book does not even begin to break the surface of how wonderful this novella was. If you haven’t read the Midnight Breed Series, or if you have and are keeping up with the series….it really does not matter, this is a must read!

**ARC provided by Author**

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