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Monday, April 6, 2015

ARC Review: A Deadly Web by Kay Hooper

This is book two of Kay Hooper’s series Bishop Files a spinoff of the popular series Bishop/Special Crimes Unit unfortunately it hasn’t reached the greatness of the original series. This one was a lot of talk and hardly anything exciting. I almost think that it could have been cut down and turned into a novella and been a great in between. With as little action; and by that I don’t mean action movie action I mean it’s lacking much of anything but lots talking, it is almost like it’s building up to something big (man I hope it is).

John Brodie is a guardian in a nameless secret network of psychics set on saving the psychics before they disappear. Psychics have been disappearing for years and now with the help of Bishop and the SCU they have more of a chance. Tasha is powerful, more powerful than she ever thought and she is the next target. To prove his sincerity Brodie allows her inside his mind and when that happens they connect on a new level. Tasha has felt someone watching her for weeks now and Brodie’s sudden appearance in her affirms this as does a mysterious voice in her head that is not hers, a voice that tells her when they are coming for her and helps her evade them.

The book also has sporadic sections of other psychics suddenly aware or someone watching them and quickly followed by their disappearance. Bishop and Miranda are in this one more than the first book two psychics they have contacted have disappeared and now are closer to finding out who is behind it all and if they can get their friends back.

Overall I wanted more out of the book. I know I’ll read the next one just see where this all is leading.

**ARC provided by NetGalley**

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