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Monday, April 6, 2015

ARC Review: Ricochet: Friendly Fire by Heather C. Leigh

Friendly Fire is the second installment in the Ricochet serial by Heather C. Leigh. If you haven't read Locked & Loaded, you will need to read that before starting Friendly Fire. Each installment continues the story of Quinn and Rick, so make sure that you read these in order.

Friendly Fire picks up where Locked & Loaded left off with Quinn having left Rick and Sanctum MMA in order to take care of her father's estate. After finally getting her father's affairs in order, Quinn is ready to continue moving forward with her life. She is ready to get a divorce from her abusive husband, and begin repairing the damage that she cause to her friendship with Rick. But Rick isn't sure that he is willing to let Quinn back in after she left him without a word. Rick knows that Quinn is still keeping things from him, and he must decide if it is worth the risk to let her back in. 

This installment was really about the growth of both Quinn and Rick. Quinn is finally taking back her life and moving towards her future. She is strong and fighting for the life she wants. She knows that she hurt Rick, and yet she also knows that she needed to work on some things with herself before they ever would have had a chance. I wish that she would have spoken to him before she just left, even if she wouldn't have given him the whole story. I think Rick had done a great job of being patient with her, knowing that she wasn't telling him everything. I think that Rick would have been more understanding to her leaving had she just told him that she needed to take care of some things. Rick was facing real feelings for the first time in his life, and he was struggling with how to deal with them. He had been used to never letting women in, and he didn't stick around for long with them. But with Quinn, he knew things were different and he didn't really know what to do with how he felt. It was good to see him start to acknowledge that he wanted to do things differently with her though, and I liked seeing him talk things out with his friends. 

Overall, I liked this part of the serial and it was good to see these two moving forward. I do wish that we had been given more depth for these two, as I still feel like we only know these two on the surface. With things progressing so quickly in each part of this serial, I feel like we are missing any real depth to these characters. While I like each of them, I want to know more about them and their back-stories. I still feel like there is so much left that we aren't getting to each of them, and I honestly don't see how we are going to get that with everything that is coming to a head for the final installment. While I have enjoyed these first two installments, I just don't see that we will get to see much more of these two and what really makes them tick. I do look forward to seeing how things shake out for them though, and I am hoping that they can find a way to leave their pasts behind and have a future together.

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