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Wednesday, April 8, 2015

ARC Review: Loving Maddie from A to Z by Kelly Jamieson

Loving Maddie from A to Z is my first Kelly Jamieson book, and I was really excited to read this one! I love a good menage story and this one sounded so good from the blurb. I really enjoyed the story and it was super hot! I will definitely be reading more from Kelly in the future after having finished and really liked this book. 

Maddie and Aidan have it all. They are successful and after years of friendship have found a love that not many others ever know. But their sex life has been the one area that could use some improvement. Though they are happy with one another, they both feel as though something is missing that they each need. Their best friend Zack has been gone from their life for years, and though they have tried to stay in touch with him his responses are few and far between. But when Zack is held captive and returns home with some issues, they know it is the perfect time to try and reconnect with him. Zack isn't looking forward to staying with Maddie and Aidan after they broke his heart years ago, but they have no idea what really happened and why he left. As the three of them begin to repair their friendship, they quickly realize that a lot has changed and that they didn't know each other as well as they thought they did. Zack just might be the missing piece that they have been looking for, but will he help their relationship or destroy all of them in the process? 

I really liked all three of these characters. They had all been friends for years, and you could tell that they all really cared about one another. That being said, you could also see that there was so much between them all that had never been addressed. All of them had loved one another and been attracted to each other. Zack had left thinking that it was wrong for him to love each of them and that there was no way he could ever have them. Aidan had missed his friend but had never been able to tell Maddie how much Zack leaving had hurt him. Maddie had loved both Zack and Aidan and had struggled with her feelings, not being able to address any of them until Zack left. But these three were so great together, and it was clear that while Maddie and Aidan were great together that they weren't complete. Zack fulfilled so many things for each of them that they just weren't getting with each other. But they also gave Zack what he desperately needed as well. I honestly felt that this was one of those times that the menage really worked best and I never felt like anyone was left out. There was no jealousy or issues, each one was just happy to see the others happy and getting what they needed. They fit together exactly how they should be when all three were together. 

Overall, I really enjoyed this book. These three were super hot together, and I think a lot of that was the love that they shared. There was more between them than just physical attraction and desires that they were able to fulfill for each other. I loved their friendships and how supportive and encouraging they were. I also loved that Maddie wasn't afraid to let their friends and family know what was going on. She wasn't ashamed and I liked her strength a lot. There are a lot of people that wouldn't want to admit what was going on for fear of being judged, and she was proud to have two sexy men that loved her as well as each other. I would recommend this book if you are a fan of menage and erotica books. Kelly Jamieson did a great job with these characters and their story, and I look forward to reading more from her in the future.

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