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Saturday, April 11, 2015

ARC Review: When I'm Gone by Abbi Glines

When I'm Gone is the newest book in the Rosemary Beach series by Abbi Glines. This book centers around Harlow's half brother Mase Colt Manning and Reese Ellis. While you can read this book without having read the others in this series, I would definitely recommend reading the other books if you haven't. This series is really good, and I loved seeing some of my past favorites pop up in this book. I will warn you that this book does end in a way that leaves you hanging, but it isn't a huge cliffhanger and luckily for us readers we don't have to wait too much longer for the next book!

Having escaped from a lifetime of abuse, Reese Ellis is now living and working in Rosemary Beach. She cleans houses and one day while working she ends up meeting the handsome Mase Manning. While they are both attracted to each other instantly, Reese has always been unable to trust men. But something about Mase puts her at ease and she finds herself leaning on him for help after there is an accident while cleaning. Soon Reese and Mase are growing closer, but Mase is only visiting and must soon return to his ranch in Texas. Can Reese and Mase find a way to see where things could go between them, or will it be over before it ever really began? 

I really liked both Mase and Reese. Reese had been through a ton, and was pretty shy. She didn't really get close to many people, and it was easy to see why. But she was a hard worker and was determined to take care of herself. I was glad to see that she didn't let her issues get in the way of her life, and though she was scared she let Mase in. He was so sweet and patient with her, and I could not have loved him more. Mase was so great with how he helped her and treated her, and you could tell right away that things were different between them. Mase and Reese had genuine feelings for one another, and they also had a lot of attraction and chemistry as well. I was glad that things sort of built slowly for them though, and that Mase was always showing Reese that she was safe with him and how much he cared for her. 

Overall, this was a great book. I always wonder how I will like a new Abbi Glines hero compared to Rush (because who doesn't love Rush!), and yet each time Abbi gives us someone new and just as great in a completely different way. Rush was so easy to fall for, and yet I honestly loved Mase just as much if not more! He is right up there for me, and I really think he might be my favorite. There is just something so genuinely good about him, and I loved him right from the start. It was clear that he looks out for those he loves and that he would do anything for them, and seeing him that way with Reese definitely made me swoon. I will admit that I am still a Nan hater, and she made me so mad in this book. Seriously have no idea what is wrong with her, but I really hope that someone gives her back everything that she has put on others. I am really looking forward to getting more of Mase and Reese as well as the rest of the Rosemary Beach gang, and the next book can't get here soon enough!

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