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Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Review: Vetting the Senator by Alex Elliott

Vetting the Senator is the second book in the Dirty Little Secrets series by Alex Elliott, and it is not a standalone. These books need to be read in order, so make sure that you start at the beginning. I am absolutely loving this series, and I definitely recommend it to Erotica fans. If you love steamy scenes and a political plot that will keep you guessing you absolutely have to check this series out.

Vetting the Senator picks up after the events of Seduced by the Senator, with Senator Bennett Stone and Xavia "X" Kennedy beginning their new relationship. On the surface she is an intern for the summer working for him, but in private he is introducing her to his secret lifestyle. They will remain apart in public, and explore their desires at a private exclusive club he is part owner of called The House. But as X and Ben grow closer and begin to explore the connection between them, things quickly change and they are forced to deal with things they never expected.

I have loved Ben and Xavia since the first book, and I love them even more after reading this installment in the series. Ben is sexy and alpha, and yet he isn't a total jerk. You can tell just how much he is starting to care for X and he wants to own more than just her body. I really liked seeing him continue to struggle with his rules and it was entertaining to see how much different X was from anyone else he had ever met. I loved that he was possessive of her and how much she meant to him. X is a great heroine. She is smart and sassy, and isn't afraid to speak her mind or stand up for herself. I like that she can submit, but she never loses herself. She is exactly what Ben needs, and I love seeing her challenge him. These two were just as hot (if not hotter) in this book as they were in the first. Their chemistry is so strong, but I am also enjoying seeing a deeper connection form as they get to know one another better. 

Overall, another fantastic installment in this series. This series keeps me on the edge of my seat wondering what will happen next, all while giving me one steamy scene after another. There is so much going on between the politics, the family and friends, and with X and Ben that I honestly cannot wait to see what happens next. I am loving these characters and each new book just makes me want the next one more! I am looking forward to reading Affianced to the Veep, and it can't get here soon enough!

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