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Wednesday, October 28, 2015

ARC Review: A Moment of Weakness by Brooklyn Skye

A Moment of Weakness is a nanny-boss romance and a pretty sweet one. The book is about Laurel who starts working for Micah as a nanny for his six year old daughter. As it turns out Micah is a mob enforcer who delivers not so gentle reminders to people who owe the mob money. As a result, Micah spends the majority of the book believing that he is not good enough for someone as sweet and pure (in a freaky fantasy sort of way) as Laurel. From almost the first moment they meet, however, there is a chemistry between Laurel and Micah that neither of them can ignore very long. The issue is whether Micah's mob ties will kill his relationship with Laurel before it really even gets started.

I like both of the characters in this book and I like the level of development the author put into both. There were some moments when I was frustrated with Laurel for putting up with Micah but I really liked that Laurel saw the best in him and tried to encourage him to do the same. I also thought it was good that the author took time to depict Laurel really wanting to gt to know Micah. Micah is the typical tight lipped brooding Hero but Laurel is undeterred in her efforts to get him to open up.

I understood where Micah was coming from and I liked the back story about his father. Micah is the most sympathetic professional ass kicker I've ever read about. I found the point that he never really had a choice about the direction his life would take particularly interesting. Micah will drive you crazy sometimes because he wants Laurel but he wants to protect her so he pushes her away. In the end though, you just want Micah to win.

Micah's daughter Shae is one of the main supporting characters in the book and she provides a lot of insight into both main characters through their interactions with her. Micah's relationship with Shae and his parenting decisions show the constant conflict between who Micah wants to be, who he thinks he can be and who he is. Shae's insistence that Micah step his parenting up illustrates her belief in Micah being more than he thinks he can be. The arguments Laurel and Micah have over Shae are really just subtext for the issues they have with one another and adding Shae to the mix was a really good way for the author to show us that.

My only criticism is that the book can be a little slow. Sometimes it felt like not much was happening very fast. This also isn't a really epic romance but it is a very solid book in this particular sub-genre. I recommend you give it a try.

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