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Thursday, October 29, 2015

ARC Review: Wreck: Hawke by Heather C. Leigh

I have enjoyed the Sphere of Irony series from Heather C. Leigh, and I was really looking forward to Hawke's book Wreck. After getting to know him better in Gavin's story Resist, I just knew that there was so much to Gavin's troubled best friend Hawke. This book can be read as a standalone story as the rest of this series, but I would definitely recommend reading at least Resist if you can. Hawke and Gavin are so close that I think it really helps to have some insight into his character if you have already read Resist, but it isn't necessary to understand this book. While I absolutely loved Resist, I have to say that I was a little disappointed with Wreck. 

After life changing tragedies, both Hawke Evans and Abby Kessler both try to find a way to move forward with their lives. While Hawke turns into an adrenaline junkie and covers his body with tattoos, Abby sets out to fix as many troubled people as she can, including those around her. So when Abby and Hawke meet, the attraction is instant and they recognize the pain that each of them has never dealt with. But Hawke isn't ready to be fixed and Abby can't help but keep trying. As Hawke's behavior becomes more reckless, Abby must decide if she can continue to try and help him or if it is better for her to move on? 

I liked both Abby and Hawke, and I really liked them together. Hawke and Abby had both experienced a lot of pain and loss, and they each had guilt that they allowed to eat at them rather than dealing with it. Though they didn't open up to each other like they should have, it was clear that they had a great connection and that they cared about one another. They had a ton of chemistry and you could tell just how much each of them felt for one another. That being said though, I really did not like how things went between these two. These two were apart for the majority of this book, and I hated the fact that Hawke was with other girls throughout this story. He never cheated on Abby as they weren't together, but he did hook up with several other girls in this book and it bothered me that it continued to happen up until the very end of this story. 

By the time these two finally started to get together, the book was almost over and it came off as super rushed. I kept waiting for these two to figure things out and it just kept not happening. There was so much back and forth, with these two trying to be together or friends only to have them do something to walk away from one another. It got old and it really made this book drag at times. I also didn't care for the huge jumps in time that kept happening throughout this book. It really gave this book a disjointed feel, and just as I was getting into it things would jump ahead. As much as I loved Hawke and Abby when they were together, that was just so few and far between for me here that I never really felt invested in them like I should have. Despite their backstories and how emotional this book should have been, I just wasn't feeling it. I really think that so much time was wasted for these two on not being together and running away that I just wasn't ever able to fully connect. I would have liked these two to have figured things out a bit sooner and to have seen them leaning on one another as they began and went through the healing process. As much as I wanted to love this book, I just wasn't able to and I felt like what could have been so good just didn't deliver here. For me the best book in this series was Gavin's and I really thought that I was going to love Hawke's more. I still think that this series was really good and if you like sexy rockstars, you should give these a shot. I know I will read more from Heather C. Leigh in the future, but this wasn't my favorite of hers or of the Sphere of Irony series.

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