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Thursday, October 29, 2015

ARC Review: Surviving Ice by K.A. Tucker

I am absolutely loving the Burying Water series by K.A. Tucker. Each book in the series is a standalone, but the characters are interconnected. I think what I love most about this series though is the fact that the characters are so diverse. Each story is so different, and yet they are all intense and captivating. K.A. Tucker has a way of making these characters and stories so real, and Surviving Ice was another fantastic and intense read that I just couldn't put down. Not only was it hard to put down, but I just flat out didn't want to. I was so invested in Ivy and Sebastian right from the start and that was a bit surprising to me since I wasn't the biggest fan of Ivy before this book. 

Never finding someone or something to hold her in one place for long, Ivy has spent the last several years traveling the world. As a talented tattoo artist, she is capable of picking up and leaving whenever the mood strikes her. Just as she is finally starting to feel at home in one place though, she witnesses a terrible crime that sends her reeling. As she prepares to leave once again, a meeting with a complete stranger begins to change her mind. Ivy finds herself drawn to Sebastian, and the more she learns about him the more a connection grows. But what Ivy believes is random is actually something very different, and it is only a matter of time before she learns the truth.

I was surprised how much I love Ivy here. She was strong and edgy, artistic and really smart. I hadn't really cared for her as I said in the previous books, but I will admit that she did start to win me over a bit in Chasing River. I loved seeing her be able to hold her own, but I also really liked seeing underneath her facade. She was so much more than met the eye, and with everything that happened we really got to see a softer more vulnerable side to her. Sebastian was complicated and mysterious, and really sexy. I loved him from the start, even though I will admit that he was definitely not your good guy next door type of hero. He was lethal and determined to do whatever it was he needed to do to accomplish his job. I knew things would be a bit more gray here than black and white when it came to Sebastian and his involvement in Ivy's life, but I was so drawn to him and I couldn't help but want him and Ivy to work out. They had so much chemistry zipping between them from the very start, and you could see the sparks flying to the point that the explosion was inevitable. As much as Sebastian needed to stay away from her, it was obvious that it was impossible. 

The thing I love most about this series besides just the unique and diverse characters though is the fact that these are so well balanced. They aren't just a romance or just suspense novels, but they are all of the above. I am never bored while reading a K.A. Tucker book, and this series is one of those that I would really recommend to anyone looking for a great all around story. There is enough action and mystery to keep you guessing, and enough romance to keep you invested in the characters and their relationship. Surviving Ice is one of those books that has so much going on that you just can't help but want to read it in one sitting. You know that the truth has to come out at some point and yet the closer Ivy and Sebastian grew the more you begin to really see just how much these two are getting to one another. I couldn't wait to find out what would happen, even knowing that it was bound to alter everything. I highly recommend this series and especially Surviving Ice. If you haven't read the previous books you definitely should, but you don't need to in order to enjoy this book. I really can't wait to see what K.A. Tucker writes next as she is a super talented writer that never disappoints.

**ARC Provided by Publisher**

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  1. Me, too! Love, love, love this series. It will definitely be a re-read.

  2. I haven't gotten started on this series yet, but I did love Ten Tiny Breaths, so I will definitely read it soon. Thanks for the review!