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Wednesday, October 28, 2015

ARC Review: Until I Met You by S.L. Scott

I am a huge fan of S.L. Scott! So I couldn't wait to read her new standalone novel Until I Met You. The cover is absolutely gorgeous, and I knew from the blurb that I had to read about Taylor and Jude. I will warn readers that if you are familiar with Scott's work, this book was nothing like I have read from her before. While I did enjoy a lot of this story, there were parts that were hard to get through. Prepare yourself ahead of time for an emotional read and make sure you have some tissues handy. 

Taylor Barrett knew that Jude Boehler was different the moment he laid eyes on her. Each surrounded by a life they wished they could change, they found happiness in each other. Though Taylor had once thought he had it all, he knew how quickly things could change. Jude was used to the darkness and in Taylor she found someone who believed in her and cared for her. But as much as Taylor and Jude wanted nothing more than to be happy together, there were those that would try to keep them apart at all costs. Can Taylor and Jude's love survive and give them a chance at a future together, or will they be ripped apart by those surrounding them?

I will admit I was a bit worried when I started reading this book when it came to the characters. Jude starts off as very eccentric and weird, and I didn't know that I would be able to connect with her at all. Luckily she won me over pretty quickly and I did find her interesting. She was quirky and fun, but she was also suffering so much. This poor girl had been through more than I can even imagine. But I absolutely loved her with Taylor (Hazel). These two were great together and they just fit one another. Their connection was natural and I really believed in them as a couple. Taylor had been through his own struggles, and was also dealing with a lot. But Jude really woke him up and brought so much light to his life. As great as these two were together, they also had some issues because of all they were dealing with. Jude and Taylor both didn't communicate as well as I would have liked and I found myself wishing several times that they would have talked more. I wish they would have allowed themselves to rely on the other as well, and there were times that it seemed like they didn't allow the other in completely. 

Because of their issues communicating and opening up to one another, there were some times that I felt like others were allowed to interfere too much for my liking. Without spoiling the story, there were times that these two weren't together and Taylor was with someone else. While it wasn't cheating since they weren't together, to me if felt like cheating because of the connection that he had with Jude and the feelings that they shared. I wasn't really okay with it, and I felt like it got brushed under the rug far too easily the times it happened. I also felt like there was so much drama here and to be honest it got to be a bit much. There were times that things just seemed too over the top to be true, and I really didn't believe some of the things that were happening. If you are into soap operas, I really think that you will love this one. It had that feel to the story, and I thought that it sort of went in that direction. I did love Jude and Taylor together, but I just felt like this one was a bit much for me. As much as I love S.L. Scott, this wasn't my favorite of hers. I did feel like this one was emotional and at times beautiful though, and I think that a lot of readers will really like this book. It wasn't my favorite though, and I thought that for the promise that it showed it just ended up not delivering what I had been hoping for.

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  1. This sounds like a good book. Thanks for your review.