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Saturday, May 17, 2014

ARC Review: Entice by Rachel Van Dyken

Entice is the third book in Rachel Van Dyken's Eagle Elite series, and it picks up right after the ending of Elect. This book should only be read after you have finished Elite and Elect. I have been ready for Chase's story ever since he was first introduced, and it was better than I ever expected. This series is fantastic, and I absolutely love these characters. If you are a new adult fan, this series is an absolute must read. I have never read anything like these books before, and I love that I never know what will happen next!

Chase Winter was left heartbroken when the love of his life slipped through his fingers and chose his best friend Nixon. Needing to focus on something else, Chase says yes to a favor from Mil and decides to think about someone else for the first time in his life. That favor turns out to be marriage to the girl whose innocence he stole when they were kids, and who also happens to be the new boss of the De Lange family. Mil has always loved Chase and knew that he would keep her safe, which is why she chose him when she needed help. But now that they are married, she begins to wonder if she made a mistake. Chase took her heart years before, but now she needs to shut herself down in order to keep him from also taking her soul. But when more secrets are revealed and their lives are once again in danger, will she be able to stay away from her sexy husband?

I have loved Chase since the very beginning of this series. He is so easy to like and fall in love with. He is such a great guy and would go to the ends of the earth for those he loves. He has always had this easy going vibe about him and was always the one to offer comfort to those in need. But he also has this whole other dangerous side to him, and you could tell that he wasn't afraid to unleash it when needed. I loved that he was so fierce about those he cared about and he was even that way about Mil before he realized his feelings for her. I liked seeing him realize that his friendship with Tracey and his love for her were not what he had originally thought. They were friends and had a strong connection, but Mil was actually the love of his life. I loved seeing them fall for each other and build on the connection that had started between them so many years before. I liked Mil a lot. We didn't really know her that well before Entice, but she grew so much over the course of this book. With Nixon and Chase's help, she went from being a tough girl to being a mob boss. She was strong and feisty, and she was scary when she had to be. I liked that even though she was tough, she was able to show her softer side with Chase. They were great together, and I think that they were the perfect match for each other. They also had a ton of chemistry and I loved that they had such history together.

Overall, this was another fantastic addition to this series and these books just keep getting better! I absolutely love every thing about these stories and characters, and they are so unique. Rachel Van Dyken has a way of creating these characters that seem so real and believable, and even when they are doing crazy things you never stop rooting for them. I cannot ever remember reading a series when I love all the characters and can't honestly give you a favorite. Usually there are at least a few that stand out, but honestly with the Eagle Elite series I love them all for completely different reasons. They are all different and original, and yet with each new character introduced you can't help but love them just as much as those that came before. I will admit that Tex completely surprised me in this book. I had known there was more to him and that we had just barely scratched the surface with his character. But after Entice, I feel like I didn't really know him at all! I am so intrigued with him and Mo and can't wait to get their story next! This book was darker than Elite, but like Elect I really enjoyed seeing more of their world and getting more of the details and their history. This series is an absolute must read, and I feel so invested in these characters and the stories. I highly recommend this series and I look forward to reading more from Rachel Van Dyken.

**ARC Provided by Inkslinger PR**

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