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Tuesday, May 13, 2014

ARC Review: Sawyer Says by Carey Heywood

Sawyer Says by Carey Heywood was such a sweet and cute read. I really enjoyed it, and this was one that I finished super quickly. I got sucked in right from the start and just didn't want to put it down. I found this read to be light and fun, even though Sawyer had been through so much. I just loved watching Sawyer and Jared fall for each other, and this is definitely one of those friends to lovers books that you won't want to miss.

 Sawyer doesn't do relationships. She hooks up with guys until she no longer has fun anymore or meets someone that she likes better. She lost her parents at a young age, and was taken by her grandmother. But her grandmother didn't keep her and sent her away immediately. She has struggled with letting people in ever since. When Sawyer's grandmother sent her to live with her godmother Wendy, Sawyer became friends with her son Jared. Jared and Sawyer have been friends ever since, but Jared has also been in love with Sawyer. When they attend their friend's wedding, things between them start to feel different and they end up having sex. Sawyer and Jared know that things are changing between them, and Sawyer is determined to just stay friends but with some new benefits. However Jared wants more from her, and decides to pursue her while doing things in a way that won't push Sawyer away. He knows that she will run if he pushes too hard, so he decides to take his time and give her the space she needs. While Sawyer searches for answers about her grandmother after being notified of her death, Jared sets out to show Sawyer that they belong together.

 I absolutely adored Jared. He is pretty much the most perfect book boyfriend ever. He is so sweet and kind, and so much more patient than just about anyone I have ever met. He was thoughtful and supportive, not to mention super gorgeous and talented in bed. I loved that he was so great with Sawyer, and he was so good at giving her exactly what she needed. Especially when even Sawyer didn't know what she herself needed. Sawyer had been through so much, and because of that she had some issues. She didn't think that she would ever get married or have children, and she didn't really seem to believe that she deserved to have those things. But with Jared, she was finally able to see that he was good for her and that they could have more. These two had such a great foundation and friendship, and the great sex just added to the connection they shared. I thought that they had amazing chemistry and they had a bond from all of their years of friendship. These two were perfect for each other, and I loved watching as Sawyer figured her feelings out. 

Overall, this book was really good. I thought that Sawyer and Jared were great characters and a wonderful couple. But I also enjoyed the secondary characters as well. This book was just one of those light-hearted feel good reads, and I had a great time reading it. I really loved that it was dual POV, and we got to see things from both Jared and Sawyer. I think it really allowed the reader to connect with these two, and I was invested in them right from the beginning. I highly recommend this book to all New Adult fans, but also to those looking for a sweet romance read about friends to lovers. It was so great to see Sawyer's journey from being only into casual hook-ups to finding love and taking the chance on a relationship. I look forward to reading more from Carey Heywood in the future.

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