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Saturday, May 17, 2014

ARC Review: Slightly Spellbound by Kimberly Frost

Tammy Jo Trask is an armed, cake baking, nature loving half witch and half fae. The two halves battle for Tammy’s attention. They have competition from her ocelot, Mercutio, and her boyfriend, Bryn. He’s a wizard. Mingling their magic makes both of them stronger. Luckily, they enjoy mingling. Wizards and the fae are sworn enemies, but Tammy’s in love. Her ex-husband, Zach, and ghost aunt, Edie, don’t like Bryn. He has black Irish looks and a black Irish heart. Exactly, a successful lawyer/ bad boy rolled into one. They've exchanged rings to strengthen their bond of celestial and earth magic. Lately, her fae side is calling to her. Tammy is more comfortable barefoot and outside. Tammy is being visited by a skeleton, fairies, and water witches. Evangline ‘Vangie’ Rhoades, a witch, shows up looking for help and cake. Her wizard father is dead and she believes her stepmother killed him. She stands to inherit her father’s library. Many ancient spell books are the prizes of his collection. If anything happens to Vangie, the stepmother gets it all. Vangie’s engaged and anxious to move on with her life. When she disappears, Tammy and Bryn are on the trail to find her. They come across creepy goings on in the forest. Black magic has been used to create a voodoo doll of Tammy. The stepmother has it and is trying to kill Tammy. Her Aunt Edie’s killer is back for more bodies. Edie seizes the opportunity to return to the land of the living. Plus Tammy meets a family member who’s been haunting her dreams. This is a continuing series and I’m looking forward to reading it from the beginning.

Tammy has two men vying for her attention. Zach and Bryn are worthy of her and perfect adversaries. Tammy is engaging and interesting. She knows she has magic, but different powers continue to manifest themselves. Aunt Edie plays the role of parent, adviser, and scold. Their relationship is fun because Edie has an opinion about everything and everyone.

This book includes many paranormal characters. Wizards, fairies, vampires, and witches match their powers for and against each other. It’s interesting to see them trying to coexist in the same town. Tammy has leadership abilities and could build a coalition, which would invite more trouble. Well done.

**ARC provided by Publisher**

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