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Sunday, May 18, 2014

ARC Review: Girl Lost by Nazarea Andrews

I have been a huge fan of Nazarea Andrews since I read the first book in her University of Branton series. Pretty much everything I have read from her has been one that I really enjoyed, so when I saw that she was doing a retelling of one of my favorite childhood stories I was interested to see what she had in store for the characters. While I love Peter Pan and Nazarea Andrews, this book left me with mixed feelings. I just couldn't ever fully get behind this one.

Gwendolyn "Gwen" Barrie has had it rough for the past few years. She lost her parents in an accident and has been in and out of mental institutions. She has also been having memories about "The Boy" and an island. When she starts college, she meets Peter. She is immediately drawn to him, and notices several things about peter that remind her of "The Boy". Peter and Gwen both want each other, but Peter refuses to let Gwen get close to him. When his friend Belle shows up, he pulls away even more. Belle is unpredictable and violent and confuses Gwen. As Belle gets worse, and Gwen's memories start to close in on her, she begins to wonder what is real and what she believes. Can Peter show Gwen what is true and get her to believe?

Peter, Belle, and Gwen were all similar to the original characters and yet they had their differences as well. Peter was cocky and sometimes came off a bit selfish. He is gorgeous and captivating. Peter and Gwen had such a magnetic pull between them right from the start though. I felt bad for Gwen even though I didn't really care for her. I thought that she had such a hard time of things, and was clearly struggling with her sanity. She seemed so lost and was trying to figure out how to deal with everything that she had been dealt. It wasn't until Peter that she really seemed to start to get any better. Peter and Gwen were good for each other, and it was clear that they both needed the other. Belle was definitely a psycho and was bitchy. She held a huge grudge against Gwen because she felt like she had stolen Peter from her.

Overall, this one was just not what I had really been expecting or hoping for. I thought that the relationship between Peter and Gwen while at times was really good and that they were good together, was also a bit creepy. I will admit that it kind of grossed me out thinking about Peter Pan and the sex and how detailed it was. While I have no problems with a well written sex scene, and plenty of them in my romance stories, it was strange when it came to it being about Peter. Even though this retelling has the characters aged differently and was a different story, it still was hard for me to see him as anything other than a boy. I also felt like the ending was completely abrupt. It really just stops, and the reader is left guessing what happens. I don't know if Andrews plans on writing more, but I was hoping for an epilogue or something. I really enjoy Nazarea's writing style though, and she is always so clever with her storytelling. There was a lot to like about this book, but I think for me personally this one just wasn't for me. I think that there are a lot of people that will really get into this modern retelling of such a classic story though, and if you are a Peter Pan and New Adult genre fan you might give this one a shot.

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