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Thursday, May 22, 2014

ARC Review: The Bad Boy Billionaire: What A Girl Wants by Maya Rodale

 The Bad Boy Billionaire: What A Girl Wants is the third installment about a modern day woman who writes historical romance novels. Maya Rodale has written not only three installments about the author Jane Sparks, but she has also written the three historical romance stories to go along with these books. I like that this series gives you both the modern and the historical, and that you have the opportunity to read Jane's books as well. I think this is a really cool series, and such a unique idea. I didn't really know what I was getting into before starting this book, and I hadn't read any of the other stories before starting this book. I didn't have a problem though, and this one was easily read as a standalone. I do think that reading these books in order would be the better way to go though, and would be a much better experience for the reader. I still really enjoyed this short and sweet story though, and after reading it I look forward to reading the others in this series.

Jane had been dumped by her high school boyfriend and fired from her job. Looking to save some face, she made a deal with Duke Austen the Bad Boy Billionaire. She would pretend to be his fiance and help clean up his reputation, and he would be her date to her high school reunion. What started out as fake, turned into something real. Now Duke really is her boyfriend, and they are actually in love. But when she is violently attacked by her ex, everything changes. The night of the attack, a storm hits and leaves Jane and Duke stranded at his apartment with no power. While Jane struggles after the attack, Duke tries his best to be there for Jane in whatever way she needs. But her reunion is fast approaching, and she fears her ex-boyfriend will be there. The reunion also happens to be the same night that Duke's company is having a part to celebrate his billion dollar IPO launching. Now, Duke and Jane must decide whether her past or his future is more important and what that choice will mean for the future of their relationship.

I really liked Duke and Jane. I thought that they were both really likable and easy to relate to. I didn't know them before this book since I hadn't read the previous stories, but I was still able to get behind their story and root for them. I thought that Duke was sweet and sexy, and he really cared about Jane. He was a bit of a tech nerd, but it was really adorable. I thought it was cute how much he was addicted to technology, and that he and Jane were able to be so playful about it. Jane was strong and fun, and I liked that even after everything that had happened to her that she was able to let Duke in. She and Duke were great together, and I loved the ease of their relationship. They worked really well as a couple, and I thought that these two really made each other better. They had a lot of chemistry together, but they also just fit together perfectly.

I liked this book, and I thought that Duke and Jane were great. I did feel like there were a few things that were a bit cheesy or over the top. But I was still able to enjoy this quick novella. I am interested to go back to the start and see the whole story of Duke and Jane, as well as read her historical books. I really do think this series is such a cool idea, and I think that romance fans will really enjoy getting such a different and unique experience with these books. I look forward to reading more from Maya Rodale, and I think that this is definitely a series worth checking out for fans of both contemporary and historical romance.

**ARC Provided by Edelweiss**

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