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Thursday, May 22, 2014

Guest Post with Author Marilyn Kelly and Giveaway

I write super-strong women, which is no surprise. Growing up with five brothers, my theme song was Anything They Can Do, I Can Do Better! I’ve traveled the world, visited over forty countries and lived in three, earned a Master’s in Microbiology, obtained a patent, and trained thousands of emergency responders internationally. My creative side constantly knocked, and I beaded, faux painted and entertained as a wedding DJ on weekends. A few years ago, I started writing sexy historical romances and my college sweetheart husband jumped in, helping me with research and grinning all the way.

My Wanton Widows series, published by Ellora's Cave, is about three accomplished women in Victorian England who are all searching for love, respect, and passion. The first in the series is Sounds of Love about a matchmaking novelist, a scholarly widow and an arrogant earl.

All the Boys I Ever Kissed (A Choose Your Ending Novel) is my first contemporary romantic women’s fiction. If you like The Bachelorette or Mamma Mia, I hope you'll love this book! There are three amazing men - a DC firefighter/paramedic, an athletic Latin millionaire, and a British baron. Which one will win Lana's heart? You choose your favorite! I follow the steamy romance with The Men Tell All Q&A.

I love lists and I’m the creator of the Eleven Senses - Who Knew? word-list book available on Amazon. If you’re looking for a way to add more sensory details to your writing, or to understand how the reading mind works, this book will come in handy.

My goal is to make thousands of readers happy and fulfilled. Please let me know if I've succeeded.

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I have to admit, The Bachelorette was part of the inspiration for my current novel, All the Boys I Ever Kissed. I had just finish watching Emily Maynard on her season of The Bachelorette, and although I did not consciously plan it, my character had a lot in common with her.

Lana is a widow with a 12-year-old daughter, and even though she's attractive and talented, she's had trouble finding a man. Instead of going on reality television, she and her sister research her old boyfriends, and Lana starts reaching out to the ones who aren't married or miserable.

One thing I've always wondered about The Bachelorette is whether the women can really fall in love with more than one person at a time. I think they can, but the circumstances have to be extraordinary. I tried to weave in those unusual situations in my novel.

The first bachelor is a firefighter, and danger and neglecting relationships are occupational hazards for for them. But still, he's a hero, and he's hot. How would you feel married to an emergency responder? If you already are, how do you handle the danger and odd work hours?

The second bachelor is an Argentine millionaire, very accomplished and again, hot. In looking for a flaw for him, the stereotypical Latin lover came into my mind, so I gave him multiple girlfriends. There was a twist in him being polyamorous, meaning all the girlfriends knew about each other, and that was enough to put Lana off. Would you be willing to date someone who is polyamorous? What if they said they were willing to give up that lifestyle for you?

And the third bachelor was an English baron, because I have written four historical romances and am very fond of the British. It was hard to find a flaw in a handsome, wealthy aristocrat complete with castle, but I wondered if I would want to be tucked away in what could become a gilded cage. I decided it would be easier to have his sister, whose son would inherit if there was no other heir, be the one to plant doubt.

When it came time to pick one guy at the end, I couldn't do it. I loved the firefighter, but look at what the sexy Argentine had given up, and who wouldn't want to be a baroness?

Unlike Emily Maynard and the other Bachelorettes, I didn't have to choose just one man. I wrote three happy endings and will let the readers choose their favorite. Personally, I would be happy with any one of them.

So, thanks to Emily and Bachelor franchise for the inspiration. I think fans of the show will really enjoy this 'choose your own ending' novel.

I'm giving away three e-copies of All the Boys I Ever Kissed to random commenters, so please answer my questions to win a book.

A Choose Your Own Ending Novel

Lana Patterson wants a husband, but she's striking out online and with blind dates. Her sister suggests she look to her past to find her future, and Lana starts contacting old boyfriends. She's been practically housebound since her husband died, so she starts local, in Washington DC.

Captain CPR is Chippendale firefighter hot, but other than his incredible body and compatible sense of humor, Lana doesn't find him the ideal bedmate or potential husband. Pierce Abrams runs into burning buildings for a living, and she wants a husband who will be there to walk her daughter down the aisle.

Lana grew up as a Foreign Service child and is now a travel writer. Her sister and daughter insist she hit the road, so Argentina and England are her next stops. The first boy she ever kissed is athletic, adventurous, intelligent, wealthy, and the most amazing Latin lover. Unfortunately, Sergio Salazar has a closet full of girlfriends that he claims he's willing to give up. Lana has her doubts.

Her high school boyfriend has more potential, since his current girlfriend is on the wane. Duncan Claymore is a baron with a castle, and oh so tempting, even introducing Lana and family to the Duchess of Cambridge. It would be a fantasy life, but his conniving sister threatens to derail their renewed love affair.

Three amazing men are all having adventures of their own. Which one will capture Lana's heart? The reader gets to choose!

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  5. Thanks for the kind words and you're welcome for the giveaways. I wrote three endings thinking I would find a favorite, but I didn't. I think this is partially Bachelorette inspiration as well. The last three guys are usually pretty great, and the fans are divided when she chooses just one. I wanted to keep my readers happy, so I gave them a choice. I assume most people will read all three endings and decide which one they prefer afterward. But there might be some people who are Team Firefighter, for example, who will only read one ending.
    Based on the book trailer, I'm getting a lot of votes for Duncan (the baron), and that model is smoking hot, so on looks alone, I can agree. Here's the link. Let me know what you think. Http://

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