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Friday, May 23, 2014

ARC Review: See Through Me by Sera Bright

See Through Me is Sera Bright's debut novel, and it is also the first in her Lose My Senses series. Debut novels are always a bit of a gamble and add to that the fact that this book isn't standalone, I was a bit nervous going into this one. I have to say that I honestly couldn't tell this was a debut novel at all! This story was great, and I really loved it. I loved the characters and the writing style. Knowing that the ending would leave me hanging, I both wanted to get there faster to find out what happened, and delay because I knew I wouldn't want to wait for more! This book was so good though, and I would definitely recommend even with the cliffhanger ending. This one is definitely worth the read, and I cannot wait to see what happens next. 

When Katie's father asks her to return home to save their house from foreclosure, she decides that it is finally time to head back because she knows that Ash won't be there. But when she shows up, she finds out that he actually is there and has been asking about her. He isn't the same quiet nerdy best friend that she left behind though. He is sexier than before, and now he is wanting answers. When she left a year ago, she was doing what she had to do to protect him. But Ash has no idea what happened or why she up and left without a trace. As Ash and Katie get to know each other again, they realize that while they have changed their feelings haven't. Can they learn to trust each other again after everything that has happened, and what happens when their relationship is threatened by the past?

I really loved Ash and Katie. They were both young and made mistakes. They made decisions without talking to each other, and seemed to have communication issues from the start. But all those things were just age and their maturity level. Their feelings and love for each other was really clear right from the start. I loved that they would both do anything for the other, and they were really protective of each other. Ash was sweet and determined, and I loved that he never gave up on her. He was sexy and committed, and I felt so bad for everything that he had been through. Katie was strong and capable, and had to deal with things that kids shouldn't have to worry about. She was used to looking after herself, and wasn't very good at letting others in. She didn't trust easily and had a hard time opening up to anyone, even Ash. But you could tell just how much she really did love Ash, and everything she did was for him. I liked that they were friends from such a young age and that their friendship and history gave them such a great bond to start a relationship. These two brought out the best in each other, and were the perfect match for one another. I thought that they had amazing chemistry together, and you could really feel the emotional connection as well as the physical.

I was not ready for Katie and Ash's story to come to an end, even if it is temporary and we will get more of them in the next book. I loved these two, and their story is definitely one that will stick with me. I love the friends to lovers trope, but this one is one of my favorites that I have read. These two are just so sweet with each other, and I loved that it was always about the two of them. They always turned to each other and that kind of connection is rare. Sera Bright really impressed me with this book, and I loved how easy it was to become invested in this story. I didn't want to put this one down even as I kept dreading the end and the inevitable wait for the next book. I will admit that the ending was not something that I was expecting, and definitely leaves you hanging and wanting more. The second book is titled Only Your Touch and expected to be released sometime this summer. I know that I will be stalking goodreads for any information I can get on this one while I try to patiently wait for more Ash and Katie. I highly recommend this book to all NA fans, and I think that this is one that most readers will enjoy just as much as I did. These characters are easy to like and relate to, and to me their story is a definite must read. I look forward to reading Only Your Touch and more from Sera Bright in the future.

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  1. Ooh this sounds good! And debut novels can be a hit or miss sometimes but there are some gems you will hit, too! I love Ash and Katie already just from how you describe their relationship. it sounds like a stay-up-tilk-4am read! ;) Great review, Casey!