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Friday, May 23, 2014

ARC Review: Angel Kin by Tricia Skinner

Kate Logan is a band manager and a thief. When a vampire gang demands protection money, she does some breaking and entering. She grabs a few things and then hears the key in the lock. She hides in the closet and watches a crooked politician kill himself under a handsome giant’s orders. The giant carves a message in the dead man’s skin. Terrified, she calls her fireman brother, Jon, for help. He contacts the Bound to protect Kate. Cain is a member of the group and scares Kate. He’s could be the giant’s twin. As a matter of fact, he is his brother. Abel was thought to have died in a fire. Instead he was taken by the Renegade and trained to be an assassin. The brothers are half angel and half human. They can control thoughts. Make people hurt themselves and others. They are tracking each other now. When they have their showdown, nothing is resolved. This is a series. Intrigue and suspense are nonexistent. The secondary characters aren’t in the story enough to warrant their own story. They are named, have powers, and fade into the background.

Kate and Cain are not a believable couple. When they meet, she thinks he’s a murderer. No, his brother is a cold blooded killer. That’s fine and then they fall in love. Kate is pulled into this supernatural conflict without any qualms. She knowingly walks into traps set by the bad guys and emerges without a scratch. She also brings trouble to Jon and his co-workers. Everyone winds up in the hospital, except her.

The good angels are weak. They are unable to stay in a fight. The powers are easily zapped. They fold when one goes gets hurt. The bad angels can fight all day and night. Either they should be evenly matched or the good angels should be dead. Both sides take their orders from higher powers. None are defined or make sense. They are pulled back more than they attack. It draws out the story, but doesn’t add any action.

**ARC provided by Publisher**

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