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Wednesday, May 21, 2014

ARC Review: Forever Your Heart by Mary Whitney

Forever Your Heart is the third book in Mary Whitney's Beside Your Heart series, but this one can be read as a standalone. I haven't read the previous two books and was worried that I would be lost, but that wasn't the case at all. I really enjoyed this book, and I absolutely cannot wait to go back and read the first two books in this series after finishing this story. I really loved that this book was told from Adam's POV, and I am actually kind of glad that I read this one first. I think it really allowed me to see how he truly felt and how he experienced everything that had happened between him and Nicki.

Adam Kincaid is a BBC reporter, but has been working in the office in Washington DC. When he finds out that his ex-girlfriend and the love of his life is going to be the new deputy press secretary for the White House, he convinces his boss to let him return to being the BBC White House correspondent. He never was able to get over her and everything that happened between them years ago, and he thinks that this is the perfect way to get back in touch with her. Even after fifteen years apart, both Adam and Nicki still have a strong connection to each other and feelings that never went away. But after everything that happened and all the obstacles that stood in their way, things between them won't be easy. Besides their past, there are now many other things that stand in the way of a second shot for them. Can Nicki forgive Adam for the mistakes he made when they were young? Can Adam convince her that he has changed and things will be different? And what will they do if things between them get serious, when their jobs make it impossible for them to see each other in public?

I really liked Adam. Did he make a horrible mistake years ago that ruined his relationship with Nicki in the first place? Yes he did. But he was young and they had both been going through a lot. It doesn't excuse his actions, but he truly felt sorry and knew how badly he had screwed up. He never stopped loving her though, and he knew that she had to make the choice to come to him. I liked that he didn't continue to wait for her though, and started to take matters into his own hands. You could tell just how much he cared about Nicki, and things were never right with anyone else. Nicki was vulnerable and had been hurt before. She was scared to put her trust in Adam again, even if she still had feelings for him. I completely understood why she didn't just give in to him right away. I liked that she did allow herself to get to know him again though, and that she was able to get past what had happened before. I don't necessarily support what she did with Adam while she still had a boyfriend, but I do understand that the feelings and bond between her and Adam were undeniable. As hard as she tried to fight it, she just couldn't help herself. I always believed from the beginning that her and Adam were meant to be together, and I thought that anyone else never stood a shot. I thought that Adam and Nicki's connection was strong emotionally and physically. These two were meant to be and had amazing chemistry.

I did think that things moved at a slow but understandable speed when it came to these two reconnecting. As much as I would have liked to see them together more, I think that it happened the way it was supposed to. I just prefer a little more steam with my stories. I still thought that this book was fantastic though, and it didn't hurt the story or my opinion of it at all. I liked the characters, I loved the story, and I thought that the writing was really great! I enjoyed Mary Whitney's writing style a lot, and I can't believe I had never read anything by her before this. I can't wait to read more from her in the future, starting with the previous two books. I can't wait to go back and see things from the beginning and get Nicki's POV. I highly recommend this story to fans of the second chance romance trope, and to anyone looking for a true and believable love story. This book is one that I would consider a must read, and I was instantly invested in these characters and their HEA.

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