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Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Guest Post with Author Kat Latham and Giveaway

Meet Kat Latham, author of Playing It Close.

Kat Latham is a California girl who moved to Europe the day after graduating from UCLA, ditching her tank tops for raincoats. She taught English in Prague and worked as an editor in London before she and her British husband moved to the Netherlands. Kat’s other career involves writing and editing for charities, and she’s traveled to Kenya, Ethiopia and India to meet heroic people helping their communities survive disasters.

Find Kat at:

The video that inspired one of my favorite scenes

One of the best things about being a romance novelist is getting to watch lots and lots of videos for research. How many jobs are there where you can sit in your PJs staring at naked men cavorting for a camera? (Seriously, how many? Because I’ll take ALL THE JOBS, thank you very much!)

When I was writing my latest novel, Playing It Close, about the captain of a professional rugby team in London, this is one of the videos that inspired me most. (Warning! Not safe for work—unless nekkid man bum is safe for your work. In which case, CONGRATULATIONS! Your job is awesome!)

*drools* That’s the French national rugby team shooting their 2012 calendar, Dieux du Stade (Gods of the Stadium).

I couldn’t help myself. I had to write a scene where the heroine finds herself at a photo shoot for the rugby team’s annual calendar. Want to read some of it? All righty!

I’d love to give away a digital copy of Playing It Close to one of the Ramblings From This Chick readers. Leave a comment on this post to enter.

Have you ever bought a sexy calendar? If you could create any kind of calendar you wanted, what would it feature?

Where do you go to escape everything when you're one of the most famous rugby players in the world? For Liam Callaghan, that place is a remote lodge on Venezuela's Caribbean coast. Perfect, except he doesn't exactly want to be alone with his thoughts. Enter Tess Chambers, the ultimate distraction.

Still reeling from a professional disaster that's made her all but unemployable, Tess understands the desire to move through life as somebody else. So when instantly recognizable Liam uses a fake name, she runs with it and creates a temporary new identity of her own.

Their time spent together in paradise is idyllic but brief—after one passionate night, Liam wakes up to find Tess gone. Returning to London, he's shocked to learn she's taken a job with his team's new sponsor. As the Legends' captain, he'll have to not only figure out how to work with the one woman who ever left him wanting more, but also convince her that their feelings in the present mean more than any lies they've told in the past.

Purchase: | Amazon | B&N |

Check out the London Legends series:

Ho-ly…Liam stood in water up to his ankles in a paddle pool surrounded by large, real-looking rocks. He wore not a stitch of clothing. Bent at the hips, he hiked up a skimpy swimming costume, shaking his naked arse to entertain his teammates, who started to hum a stripping tune. Tess pressed her hand against her mouth to suppress her amusement.

Damn but Liam had a beautiful body. The way he was bent over hid his most sensitive parts but left the rest of him exposed to her gaze. Muscles rippled over his back and arms, bunching and narrowing down to his waist. His bum was tighter than tight before flaring into the most powerful part of his body: his legs. He led the league in points scored, and he’d racked up most of those points by kicking the ball through the posts from angles and distances that were impossible for most players to hit unless they had God and a stiff breeze on their side. She’d watched those legs work for years, could mimic the stance he adopted whether he was kicking a leisurely penalty or dropping a hasty goal with the opposition rushing toward him. Those legs were the secret of his success, and when he’d pulled the ridiculously short, tight shorts all the way up to his hip bones, she was glad to see they left even more of his legs bare than his rugby shorts did.

She didn’t notice she was standing next to Ash Trenton until he called out, “Anyone else getting an erection?”

Kind of.

Decently covered, Liam straightened and turned to face the team, his gaze immediately colliding with hers. One corner of his lips tipped up, as if he knew exactly how her body burned at the mere sight of him.

Check out what's up for grabs.

Up For Grabs:
  • 1 eBook copy of Playing It Close

To Enter: 
  • Please answer Kat's question: Have you ever bought a sexy calendar? If you could create any kind of calendar you wanted, what would it feature?
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Good Luck! 

Special thanks to Kat Latham for sponsoring this giveaway.
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  1. Nice video. Really great way to start my day, Kat. I have been begging the LA Kings for a player calender for a year. They have an Ice Crew calendar, which is a...wait for it, wait for it...yes, a swimsuit calendar. It raises money for charity. I'd much rather have a calendar featuring the players themselves. They wouldn't even have to be nekkid! They could be in suits, they could be playing with their dog, cooking dinner, whatever! But the sports world thinks sports is for men.

  2. Holy crap I have never seen that many hot guys all together before! WOW!

    I have never bought a calendar....don't think the hubby would understand! ;)

    If I did, it would be one of famous, hot guys. Mix of actors, athletes, musicians.

  3. Wow! You just made my day! So glad my hubby and kids weren't home. :) If I could have a sexy calendar I think it would be a mix of guys...firefighters, lifeguards, athletes, and maybe a few actors...

  4. my ultimate calendar would probably be a mix of bikers, cowboys, and athletes.

  5. Wow! Very impressive! Gosh, wouldn't it be awful to be one of those makeup girls on the set? New dream job anyone? :-)

    Don't think anyone in my family would appreciate me buying a calendar like that.... I stick to scenic nature scenes. :-)

  6. I've never purchased a calendar like that but I've always wanted the Ellora's Cave calendar. I would hang it in the spare bedroom...wouldn't my mom get a kick out of that when she comes to visit! LOL. If I had to create a calendar, it would be all military or firemen!


  7. I have not bought one but if love to make one of hot cowboys or men in kilts.

  8. No sexy calenders here. Something 'safe' I think. Country scenes with gorgeous men just over the horizon.

  9. I have never bought a sexy calendar. I have made my own calendars in the past, but they always featured underwater scenes, not nekkid guys - I don't think the dive masters that I've had would be willing to pose, although they've certainly had hot bods.

  10. No but if I ever see a hot firefighter's one for sale I will most definitely purchase it