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Monday, May 12, 2014

ARC Review: Flame by Clarissa Wild

Flame is the second book in Clarissa Wild's Fierce Series. This book is not a standalone and is the continuing story of Hunter and Autumn. If you have not read Fierce yet, you will need to read that book first and beware of spoilers in this review. I liked this story, and it was great to see Hunter, Autumn and Evie again. I also really liked getting to see more of the relationship between Hunter and Autumn and not just everything else that was going on. I felt like this was a really great second book, and it showed so much growth between Hunter and Autumn.

Flame picks up where Fierce and Fury left off. Hunter and Autumn are together, Brody and the gang have been caught by Agent Williams, and Hunter's brother Jesse is getting out of jail. Jesse starts looking for a job in order to take care of Hunter and their house. Hunter continues to struggle with school as well as trying to take care of his brother. While Hunter continues to struggle with his learning disability, he is also getting used to his new relationship with Autumn. Hunter and Autumn's relationship continues to strengthen, but they are tested more than ever. When Hunter makes the decision to leave school, he has no idea what he will do. But he soon finds out that he can use his natural ability as a fighter to make money and support those he cares about. Can Hunter and Autumn make a life together though when there are still many obstacles in their way?

Hunter and Autumn really grew into their relationship in this story. They already had the connection and chemistry, but they really became a couple in this book. They still had a lot to learn, and they both made mistakes along the way. But what made them so great is that they might react badly, but they always working things out and found their way back to each other. Hunter and Autumn were even hotter together in this book, and their physical relationship was so much more in this story. It was nice to see them be together on all levels and really connect in every way possible. These two were meant to be together, and they really did bring out the best in each other. I loved seeing them really fall in love, and watch as their feelings for one another deepened.

I also really liked getting to know Hunter's brother Jesse. I liked his character a lot and thought that he added a lot to the story. I was also glad to see that Evie's character wasn't nearly as annoying or unlikable as she had been before. My only criticisms with this story was that it was a bit repetitive at times and I also felt like the story was predictable. Autumn and Hunter both continued to run from each other when they should have been talking to each other and working things out. Often times it would take talking to someone else to get them to snap out of it, and I felt like they should have been turning to each other. I also felt that the story was one that we have seen before, and I wasn't really surprised with how things went down in this one. While it was predictable it was still enjoyable. I would recommend this series if you like a strong and sexy alpha fighter, and like to see a bad boy fall hard. This series is one that I have enjoyed, and I will look for more from Clarissa Wild in the future.

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