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Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Review: Two for One by Ann B. Harrison

Two for One is the first book in Ann B. Harrison's The Club series. This was a quick and steamy read that was enjoyable and easy to get into. I liked the characters and the story. I think that Two for One was a great start to the series, and I look forward to reading the next book in the series.

Lizzie isn't satisfied with her life. She has a boyfriend who doesn't know how to please her, an awful job and more debt and bills piling up thanks to her loser of a brother. When her best friend comes up with a solution to all of her problems, Lizzie is skeptical. But after a makeover, she signs up to be auctioned off at The Club for a weekend of sex with a hot guy in which she will paid a large amount of money. She is bought by the brothers Trace and Ryan that own The Club, and gets more than she ever expected with them. They are both extremely hot, but they are completely different. While Lizzie and Ryan get along great in bed and out, Trace is the one that she feels drawn to. Trace has trust issues though because of his past and isn't willing to make their arrangement anything more than the original weekend. Can Ryan convince Trace that his feelings and connection to Lizzie are worth taking a chance on though?

I really liked Ryan and Trace. Ryan was sweet and easy going. He was so open and honest, and he had a really great way of easing Lizzie's fears and making her feel comfortable. He was supportive and friendly and exactly what she needed. He was hot and tattooed and the fact that he was a fighter made him that much more sexy. Trace was more serious and reserved though. He was sexy in a well put together way. He wore suits and ran The Club. He was one of those guys that just seems untouchable and really intense. He was drawn to Lizzie right away and you could really tell that she made him feel things that he was uncomfortable with and that he tried to fight. Lizzie was insecure and vulnerable after her boyfriend had put her down so much. She thought that she was not attractive or worthy of guys like Trace and Ryan. I was glad to see her start to see herself differently though after her friend helped her and with the guys reassuring her that she deserved more out of life. She grew and really found herself not just sexually but also in what she wanted out of life. I thought that she was great with Ryan and their relationship was easy and friendly. But there was more of a connection between her and Trace. Trace and Lizzie were really hot together and you could feel the growing connection between them, but all three of them were really steamy too.

Overall, this was a good start to this series and I thought that Two for One packed a lot of steam in a short amount of pages. This one was a quick and sexy read, and the sex scenes were written really well. I thought that the story could have been a bit longer though, and I felt like the feelings and relationship were a bit rushed. I would have liked to have seen things develop a bit more to truly believe that it was more than just lust and fondness between Trace and Lizzie. I really liked Lizzie's friend Bel and Ryan a lot, and thought that they added a lot to the story. I am excited to read Ryan's story next and see what awaits him. I think that if you are looking for a sexy and fun short read, you should give this one a shot. I found it to be enjoyable, and I will look for more from Ann B. Harrison especially the rest of this series.

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