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Wednesday, May 14, 2014

ARC Review: Out of Mind by Jen McLaughlin

Out of Mind is the third and final book in the Out of Line series by Jen McLaughlin. This is the conclusion to Finn and Carrie's story, and I have been dying to get my hands on this one! I love Finn and Carrie so much, and they have had so many things to get past. I knew this one was going to be a tough one to get through, but it was so worth it. Out of Mind was fantastic! This book has to be read after reading the first two books, and if you haven't read them yet you are seriously missing out. Finn and Carrie are definitely worth it and these are absolute must reads for me.

Finn survived the horrible ambush that killed everyone on his team. He is left scarred and injured on the outside as well as the inside. His headaches and nightmares are causing him to fall apart and turn to drinking and pills to try and cope. Carrie is trying to be supportive and give him the space he needs, but he continues to push her away. Once their biggest concern, her father has finally started to accept their relationship and is allowing Finn to stay with them at his home while he recovers. When Finn's father's health starts to deteriorate even more, Finn is left feeling as though he is losing everything and everyone. He knows that he is no good for Carrie the way he is, and has to figure out how to let her go. Carrie is determined to show Finn that they are meant to be and can make it through anything. But sometimes love isn't enough, and they are both different than they were before everything changed.

I love Finn. I have loved him from the start, and I knew going in that he was going to be a different character the the Finn we first met and fell in love with. We really got to see a deeper side to him as he struggled with everything that he had been through. He was more serious and vulnerable than the lovable and fun surfer. His love and sacrifice for Carrie though was both beautiful and heartbreaking. He really believed that he was doing the right thing for her and that she was better off without him. He was willing to break his own heart in order to give her a chance at the life he thought she deserved. It was really sad to watch him suffer so much before he was finally able to start to heal himself. I was so glad that he was able to get the help he needed though and it was nice to see him start to work his way back to who he had been. Carrie was so strong and patient. She didn't know how to deal with Finn and what he was going through, especially since he wouldn't talk to her and kept pushing her away. She did treat him differently and there were times that I wanted her to just treat him like normal because it was what he needed. Her intentions were always good though, and she was struggling right along with him. She is such a great heroine though because her love and commitment to him never wavered. She loved him despite any changes to his physical appearance and continued to see the same man that she fell in love with. I'm glad that she had her friends to lean on while going through everything, and it was nice to see her parents supporting her finally. They seemed to really grasp that she was happiest with Finn and she needed to make her own decisions. Finn and Carrie have such a strong bond between them, and they really are perfect for each other. They are one of my all time favorite book couples, and their chemistry and connection is truly one of a kind.

Overall, this series was such a journey and this book was definitely the hardest part. It was written so beautifully though, and although it was heartbreaking at times it was also filled with hope and love. Finn and Carrie really grew and changed over the course of these three books, and they had a love unlike any other. They drew me in from the very start, and I felt instantly invested in these two. Their relationship wasn't always easy, and they had a lot of obstacles placed in their way but I never stopped rooting for them. Jen McLaughlin did such a great job with these books and characters, and I really feel like she wrote their story perfectly. It was all so real and believable and I think that she did all the characters justice. I can't see anything being done differently and I think that this could not have been written any better. I am sad that this series is now over and that there won't be any more of Carrie and Finn. But I know that I will continue to read their story over and over because these characters will always stick with me. I am looking forward to reading more from Jen McLaughlin in the future.

**ARC provided by Inkslinger PR**

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