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Sunday, May 25, 2014

ARC Review: Finding Haven by T.A. Foster

After reading a few of T.A. Foster's books, I have become a fan of hers so I was really excited when I saw that she had a new book coming out. Finding Haven really intrigued me with its cover and blurb, and I couldn't wait to get to know the movie star Evan. This book was good and enjoyable, but it wasn't my favorite book of hers. I really liked the characters, and I thought that the story was good but it just fell a bit short for me.

After his girlfriend's picture with another man ends up all over celebrity magazines, movie star Evan Carlson decides to leave town and hide out for awhile. He drives until he reaches Perry Island. He decides to stay the summer and blend in with the locals that don't seem to recognize him or care who he is. When he overhears a pretty girl in need of a new employee at the local store, he volunteers to help out for the summer. Evan is intrigued by Haven, and finds himself wanting to get to know Haven better. He tells her that he is a writer and she shares some of the lyrics that she has written with him and tells him that she wants to be a songwriter. Evan and Haven embark on a summer romance, but the more time that goes on the bigger Evan's web of lies gets. What happens when his ex-girlfriend and his real life track him down, and the truth about who he is comes out?

I liked Evan and Haven. I understood Evan's actions and why he didn't tell everyone who he was, but the longer things went on with Haven and the closer he got to her it stopped making sense to me. Haven was open with him, and shared so much of herself so it just didn't make sense to me why he wouldn't feel like he could tell her who he was. The truth always comes out, and I think that it would have been much better if he would have told her and dealt with the consequences rather than her randomly finding out from others. I did like Evan though, and he was really sweet with Haven. He was patient with her, and I thought that he really cared about her. Haven was interesting to me, and I really liked that she was so passionate about writing songs. I liked her with Evan and thought that they made a great pair. She seemed to really understand him, and things were so easy between them. I thought that they had great chemistry together and fit well as a couple.

I did think that this book had some slow moments though, especially the beginning. I didn't really understand why she was messing around with Travis and constantly saying that it was the last time for them to fool around only to do it again. It confused me because she said she had no feelings for him like that, and yet it went on for awhile. I also thought that it took a bit long for her and Evan to really even meet. It took me awhile to get into the story because of that, and I kept wanting to put the book down. I am glad that I stuck with it though, because it did start to pick up after about 20% of the way in. Evan and Haven were cute together, and I enjoyed this light and easy read. I definitely recommend checking out T.A. Foster's books if you haven't already read anything by her, and I think a lot of New Adult fans will like this one. For me though, it wasn't as good as some of her previous books. I will definitely still be looking for more from her in the future though, and her book London Falling is one of my absolute favorites.

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