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Thursday, May 29, 2014

Review: That Man 1 by Nelle L'Amour

That Man 1 is the first book in the That Man trilogy by Nelle L'Amour. This is the first book that I have read by her and while there were things that I did enjoy there were also some things that left me with mixed feelings. Jennifer is newly engaged and goes out one night with her friends to celebrate. They dare to kiss a stranger while blindfolded, and it results in the hottest kiss she has ever experienced. When she removes the blindfold the man is gone. When she shows up for an interview the next day, she has no idea that the man that is about to become her new boss is the same stranger that she kissed. Blake is used to dating tall model like blonds, but he can't help but keep thinking about the short brunette that kissed him. When she shows up as his new employee, he immediately decides to pursue her. But Jennifer is engaged, and he will have to get her to see that she deserves more than what her lame dentist fiance offers her.

I liked Blake. He was cocky and blunt, but he was also sweet at times. He was super sexy and knew that he could get any girl that he wanted. He was a bit confusing at times though because he was such a playboy but yet without hardly knowing Jennifer at all, he was suddenly thinking about babies and a future with her. It was a bit unbelievable considering that they had barely spoken or spent time together, and had shared a single kiss that she didn't even know about. Jennifer was a bit hard for me to warm up to. She was smart and had great ideas and was a hard worker. She was devoted to her fiance and went out of her way to make him comfortable and appease him. But then she kisses a stranger and fantasizes about her boss, all while still committing herself to a man she clearly doesn't love or really want a future with. She had zero chemistry with her fiance and the way he treated her was horrible. I just didn't get it. She had chemistry with Blake and there was definitely something between them, but I kept waiting for her to find out that it was him that she had kissed and it never happened.

I also thought that for all his playboy reputation and the attraction between Blake and Jennifer, there wasn't a lot of physical interaction. Besides a few brief masturbation scenes and some porn scenes, I kept waiting for the steam. I am interested to see where L'Amour takes these characters and what happens next. I hope that we get more development with the characters and their relationship in the next installment, and hopefully Jennifer wakes up soon about her fiance. We are left with a cliffhanger at the end since this is a serial, so be warned that this one will leave you hanging. I look forward to reading more in this serial and from Nelle L'Amour in the future.

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