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Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Review: The Token by Marata Eros

The Token is the first part in a serial by Marata Eros. Each installment will be about 25,000 words per the author. We are introduced to the main character Faren and the hero Jared (Mick). At the start of this story Faren has just received life altering news from her doctor. She is already struggling to pay for her mother's care after her mother saved her and is now in need of constant care. In order to pay for her mother's care and to handle things faster, Faren takes her friend Kiki up on her offer of help to get a job as an exotic dancer. She ends up meeting the club's owner outside of work, and they are both immediately attracted to each other. They end up going on a date, and things are going well until assumptions are made. Things are still up in the air at the end of this installment as someone from Faren's past reappears.

I am intrigued by both Jared and Faren's characters. Since this is just the first installment, I feel like we don't really get to know either of them that well yet. Jared is a sexy and mysterious billionaire who could have any woman he wants. He is drawn to Faren right from the start and goes out of his way to take care of her when he accidentally hits her with his motorcycle. Faren is dedicated and loyal, and will do anything to take care of her mother. She goes so far that she is willing to do jobs that make her sick and are disgusting just to help provide more than her physical therapy does. I liked her friendship with Kiki. I thought that Jared and Faren had a lot of chemistry together and I will be interested to see how their relationship progresses.

Overall, I thought that this was a good first installment. I felt the pacing was a bit weird to me though. At first things seemed to move pretty slowly, but then there were other times that things almost seemed rushed and were over too quickly. I am interested to see how the author proceeds from her because things seem to be doomed right from the start with Faren's diagnosis from her doctor. I hope that Jared will play a larger part moving forward, as he seemed to be almost a secondary character in this book. Be warned that since this is a serial, you are left with a cliffhanger. I will definitely be reading the next installment to see what happens from here. If you are a fan of darker and gritty romance stories, I would give this one a shot.

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