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Saturday, May 31, 2014

ARC Review: Where There's Smoke by Elizabeth Lee

I have become a huge fan of Elizabeth Lee's and I absolutely loved her Give Me Something series! So when I saw that she had a new book coming out, I didn't even need to read the blurb to know that I wanted to read this story. Where There's Smoke was so good, and I loved that it was completely different from not only what I have read by her but also by anyone else. Everything that I have come to love about Elizabeth's books was still there though, and this is another must read from her!

When Piper Jameson gets word from her sister that their mom is dying, she returns home after having left six years ago. She plans to get in and be out as soon as the funeral is over, while taking her sister away from her awful step-dad. She never expects to run into the only other person besides her sister that she regretted leaving behind. She knew that when she left Ryland that she was doing the right thing for him and his future, even if it meant breaking his heart as well as hers. But she never expected him to still be stuck in their small town when he had plans to attend Stanford and become an engineer. Ryland is still mad at Piper for leaving and doesn't want anything to do with her at this point, but he does want answers. But when Piper and Ryland continue to run into each other, they find out that they both had no idea of everything that had happened all those years ago. The love and connection they felt for each other is still there, but before they can explore the future that they both thought was lost they are forced to run with Piper's little sister. Can they figure things out between them and have a chance at a future together while on the run, or will their future be stolen from them once again?

I absolutely loved Ryland. He was smart and sweet, and just a genuinely good guy. He looked out for Piper's sister the entire time she was gone, even after everything that had happened. He was so caring and protective and he was willing to give up everything for Piper and her sister. He had been so hurt by Piper leaving and not ever getting into contact with him, but he still loved her anyways. Piper thought that she was doing the right thing and took the opportunity to get out when she could. She was really shocked to figure out that things were completely different than she had expected or planned, and I felt so bad for her and Ryland both because she had sacrificed a lot and he still ended up losing so much because of everything that happened. Piper might have made a bad choice to leave town even if for the right reasons, but she also was quick to return home as soon as her sister found her and that wasn't easy for her. I was glad that she had never moved on from Ryland and that she had never felt right with anyone else as Ryland also felt. It was so clear that they belonged together and that they loved each other so much. They were a great fit for each other, and they had such a strong connection even with their differences. I think that they were the perfect balance for each other and they had great chemistry!

I really loved not only Ryland and Piper, but also Piper's sister Hadley and Ryland's friend Luke. I am really excited to get to know those two better in the next book, There's Fire. These two will have a lot to overcome, and I am so anxious to see what happens for them. I love how Elizabeth Lee is able to write these beautifully flawed characters that are so real and believable, and make you become instantly invested in them. I always find myself lost in her stories, and I tend to finish them in one sitting because I just can't put them down. I love her writing style also, and her books just flow so well. I highly recommend anything by Elizabeth Lee, but Where There's Smoke is an absolute must read! I can't wait to read more from her in the future, and I will be waiting for There's Fire which is scheduled to release late this summer.

**ARC Provided by Inkslinger PR**

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