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Sunday, May 25, 2014

ARC Review: The Morning After by Adriane Leigh

I absolutely loved The Morning After by Adriane Leigh. This is the first book that I have ever read by her, but it definitely will not be the last. I was instantly invested in this story and these characters, and I could not put this one down. I was so into this book that I did not want to stop for anything! I will warn you that this book does have a love triangle, and although there isn't a huge cliffhanger the story does continue in a second book. Honestly, this book is a must read and even if you are opposed to those things I would still recommend reading this one!

Georgia has been just getting by for a long time. Having lived through a terrible tragedy when she was only twelve, she relies on her boyfriend Kyle and her friends Drew and Silas to get by. Georgia decides to buy a beach house and spend the summer fixing it up. Kyle is busy advancing his law career and isn't able to go with her, so she asks her friends to go with her and help her out. When her friend Drew asks to bring her newest boyfriend, Georgia reluctantly agrees. But when Drew and Gavin show up, he brings his best friend Tristan along with him. Tristan has a reputation for being a playboy, and although Georgia is instantly attracted to him she wouldn't start anything even if she didn't have Kyle. But as the summer continues, the connection and attraction between Georgia and Tristan becomes more than either of them can fight. Georgia is left torn between the connection to Tristan that she has never felt with anyone including Kyle, and the one person who has helped her get through everything and that she has always planned to spend her life with.

I really loved Tristan. He was sweet and caring, and so sexy. He was always thinking about Georgia and he was there for her every time that she needed someone. I thought that they had a great connection from the start and that they were perfectly matched for each other. I hated seeing him suffer with his feelings for her knowing that she was with Kyle. I felt so bad for him but I didn't always agree with how he handled things. I know that he was trying to move on and get over things, but it was hard to see him purposely seek other women and sometimes go so far as to rub them in Georgia's face. Georgia drove me crazy! I both liked her and hated her sometimes. She had been through so much and felt loyalty and affection for Kyle that she shouldn't have after everything that he had done to her and how he treated her. She was blind when it cam to him. But other times she was so fun and playful and I really liked her. It was always when she was with Tristan that I liked her the most, and I think that he brought out the very best of her character. I also thought that Tristan and Georgia had such a strong and natural connection, and it went way beyond just the physical. I didn't like Kyle from the start, and I didn't feel the connection to him at all with her. I just felt like Kyle was a jerk and I couldn't get behind his character at all.

Overall, this book was fantastic. It was heartbreaking and beautiful, and definitely brought on the tears. I loved seeing Georgia and Tristan get to know each other and fall in love, but it was so hard to see them struggle through everything with Kyle. Georgia felt so bad for everything that was happening between her and Tristan, and yet Kyle seemed to have absolutely no regard for Georgia at all. I wish that she would have woken up sooner to what he was really like because everyone saw it but her. I absolutely cannot wait to get more of these characters though, and I am so excited to read the next book. I need more Tristan and Georgia and can't wait to see what Adriane Leigh has in store for them next. I really loved Leigh's writing style, and the characters were so complex and real to me. This one is a book that I highly recommend, and I think that readers will fall in love with Tristan and Georgia's story just like I did.

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