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Thursday, June 5, 2014

ARC Review: Fall From India Place by Samantha Young

Whenever I see any book by Samantha Young, I jump at the chance to read it! I absolutely loved “Before Jamaica Lane (On Dublin Street, #3)” and the novella “Castle Hill (On Dublin Street, #2.5) “so I had high hopes for “Fall from India”. One of the many reasons that I like Young is that she really gets into the heart and soul of her women characters. She breaks down their emotions and all the complexities. She also really gets to the heart of relationships.

In Hannah’s story, she is now all grown up! In the previous books she was still fairly young and played a smaller character but this is definitely her story! She is all grown up and a working professional. She loves teaching and volunteering her time to help adults struggling to read. I loved that Young stayed true to Hannah’s character. In the previous books she seemed like a sweet young lady and had a very wonderful relationship with Cole. (I’m hoping his story is next!)

True to Young’s style many of the characters from the previous books make an appearance in Hannah’s story which makes sense since they are all a sort of family. Now, if all these wonderful things above… why a three star? So I love that many of Hannah’s story is about her finding herself and who she is. However… for pretty much all her life after her “relationship” with Marco she is affected by him. She is basically (emotionally) on hold. When Marco reappears in her life he becomes her main focus again. Also, I liked Marco but I thought him and Hannah had an uneven relationship. He leaves, comes back he wants her after years of being apart… Although Hannah resists him, she gives into her feelings.

Overall, this was a fun book and anyone that has followed the series will be happy to read Hannah and Marco’s story. It’s also a great coming up age story, seeing Hannah become an adult was gratifying. Although the romance was not as chemistry driven as Young’s previous books I was happy to see that Hannah got her happily-ever-after.

**ARC provided by Publisher**

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  1. Great review!! I really have been wanting to read this series, and this book sounds wonderful!! Thanks for sharing your thoughts on this one.