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Wednesday, June 4, 2014

ARC Review: Mischief by Midnight by Emily Greenwood

Colin Pearce, the Earl of Ivorwood, wants to court Josephine “Josie” Cardworthy. Instead he introduces her to his friend, Captain Nicholas “Nick” Hargrave and now they are engaged. Colin goes back to researching his books about England’s kings. Nick goes back to fighting the French. Josie is stuck at home with three wild brothers, a widowed mother, and a reclusive sister, Edwina. Her father wanted the girls to marry well and never mix with the neighbors. The Cardworthys have kept to themselves, except for Colin. Being impulsive and after cutting her hair, Josie ventures out and comes across gypsies. A woman offers her a love potion. Josie wants Colin to court Edwina. A few drops in his tea will make him fall in love with her. The tea makes him dizzy and he ends up on the roof of his house screaming Josie’s name. Colin and Edwina aren’t making any progress so Josie asks him to help Edwina have a season in London. His aunt can sponsor her. Both Cardworthy sisters head to out and Josie is thrilled. Edwina is terrified, but the big city grows on her. She’s out shopping and realizes her regular driver has been replaced by a cabinet maker, Jack Whitby, who whistles. She’s shocked by his behavior and delighted in his muscular appearance. A few stolen kisses later and Edwina is on the verge of ruin. Colin rides to her rescue and a suitor is about to propose marriage. All is going according to plan, except Edwin is in love with Jack. Nick’s letters are becoming fewer and farther between and Josie is worried. Colin gets the horrible news that Nick has died. A quick tumble with Josie in a carriage makes Colin realize he’s in love and ready to marry her. Josie’s emotions and heart have been deeply hurt and she’s torn. Until Nick arrives at a party, rested and recovered from his injuries. Who will the Cardworthy sisters choose to be their mates?

The primary couple is Colin and Josie, but the interesting couple is Edwina and Jack. Both risk much more for their love. Both men read the sisters pretty well. The women are high spirited and ready for adventure. Colin and Josie waste a lot of time questioning each other’s motives and guessing each other’s feelings.

Jack is upfront about his attraction and the first one to say it won’t work. Edwina should marry a gentleman and Jack steps away and stays away. He won’t force anything and makes no claim to her, until she insists. A truly noble man.

**ARC provided by Publisher**

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