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Sunday, June 1, 2014

Review: Fierce by Clarissa Wild

Fierce is the first book in Clarissa Wild's Fierce Series. There is a prequel novella that can be read at any point in the series called Fight, and I would recommend reading it to start so that you get to see what happened to make Autumn who she is. This book was really good though, and you don't have to have read the prequel to enjoy this story. I really liked Hunter and Autumn and this one kept me guessing. I never knew what would happen next, and this one was different than any other New Adult book that I have ever read before.

Autumn has been bullied and picked on her entire life. She has two friends, Evie and Brody. They both have experienced what it is like to be made fun of and feel like Autumn has. Autumn and Evie are starting their freshman year of college together as roommates and Autumn is excited to be back around Brody since he is a few years older and has been away at college. When Autumn arrives on campus she meets Hunter, and is immediately drawn to him. Autumn knows that girls like her don't get guys like him though but she can't help but want him anyways. Even though Hunter enjoys the attention that he gets from Autumn, he tries to stay away from her and is always pushing her away. Autumn is determined to figure out what is going on with him though and why he is always showing up with new cuts and bruises. Before long Autumn finds herself caught up in a dangerous world that she never expected and she realizes that Hunter has way more baggage than she expected.

I liked Hunter and Autumn. I thought that Hunter was cocky and was a bit of a jerk sometimes. But then he would really start to open up to Autumn and he was a completely different person. He was stuck doing things that he didn't want to because he was trying to help his brother, and you could tell that it really got to him. He was really protective of Autumn and I loved that he was always there for her. He was so much more than you first expected, and I really liked getting to see the different sides of him. Autumn was sweet and caring, and had been through a lot. She felt alone and was dealing with family issues and being broke. She was a really good friend, and I thought that sometimes she went above and beyond what she should. She tried to see the good in others, and sometimes they really didn't deserve it. I thought that she was a bit nosy sometimes, and tended to act without thinking. Hunter would try to warn her and keep her out of a bad situation and she would just flat out ignore him and do whatever she wanted. I thought that she and Hunter were really great though, and they had a lot of chemistry. I liked that things weren't rushed with them, and they definitely weren't insta-love at all.

Overall, I thought that this one was really good. I liked Autumn and Hunter, and I thought that the story was interesting. I didn't know what would happen, and there were a lot of twists and turns that I hadn't been expecting. I liked how Clarissa Wild was able to weave all these characters into the story and they all had a purpose. I will admit that I had been a fan of Brody and Evie in the prequel novella, but in this story I couldn't really stand either of them. Evie got a little better towards the end, but honestly they just got on my nerves. I also felt like there were times that this story tended to drag a bit, and the pacing was a bit slow. But I think that this was a good start to the series, and I am looking forward to reading more about these characters.

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