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Thursday, July 31, 2014

ARC Review: Hideaway Cove by Anna Sullivan

As book 2 in the Windfall series Hideaway Cove it follows right after Temptation Bay, just a week later. Not having read the first book in the series I did find myself a little lost, not knowing what was already going on. It is explained but it still seemed like I was missing something, and I was the introduction of the two main characters. Jessica and Holden had an instant attraction and unless you read the first book you won’t know that until half way through the book. I think because I missed out on the first book it prevented me from really getting into the story. I liked the romance and really liked the characters I just couldn’t get in to the overall story.

Eighty years or so ago a baby went missing. Eugenia Stanhope reportedly went down with the ship off the coast of Maine, but now it seems that she was taken to a family on Windfall Island and raised as their own only nobody knows which family on the island it was. Rose Stanhope is determined to find out who it is and she hired Dexter Keegan to find out who the descendent is so they can have their share of the Stanhope fortune. Dex and Maggie had their story in Temptation Bay where they find that Maggie is not the descendent, but now they have to worry about whoever is is in danger.

Jessi and Holden have been dancing a fine dance. Jessi keeps moving away and Hold just keeps following. Jessi is a single mother whose life revolves around her son has no room in her life for romance, but Hold makes her feel things she hasn’t felt in eight years. Hold has trust issues as well and keeps his true identity from Jessi. Hold works his way into the hearts of Jessi and her son Benji. The sudden appearance of Lance, Benji’s father, is suspicious especially when it coincides with the discovery of Eugenia’s baby blanket in Jessi’s attic and the break in of her home and the office. Jessi finally opens herself to Hold but can the truth about who he is break her trust in him and her heart? It was a good book I just didn’t get emotionally invested in it.

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