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Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Review: Command Me by Geneva Lee

Command Me is the first book in the Royals Saga by Geneva Lee and was formerly titled For King and Country. I could not wait to get my hands on this book even though this was Geneva Lee's debut novel and I had no idea what to expect. This book was so good, and I absolutely devoured it. I didn't want to put this one down for anything and only did so when absolutely forced! I cannot wait to read more from Geneva Lee and I am already anxious for the next installment Conquer Me. Geneva Lee really impressed me with her writing style, characters and fantastic story and I really can't wait to see what she writes next.

Celebrating her graduation, Clara attends a party and ends up meeting a handsome stranger with who she shares a passionate kiss. She thinks that he looks familiar but never gets his name. She quickly finds out that it was Prince Alexander when a picture of their embrace ends up on the cover of all the tabloids. When Alexander sends for Clara to discuss what happened, they both realize that the other hasn't been able to stop thinking about the kiss they shared. Alexander and Clara begin a relationship based on sex and Clara knows that Alexander doesn't do anything serious. Clara is recovering from a past that she has done her best to move past and keep secret, and Alexander has his own secrets. But when Clara and Alexander's relationship becomes more public, soon things get much more complicated and Clara must come to terms with what being in the public eye means. Can Clara and Alexander save each other from their pasts, or will they destroy each other?

I loved Alexander so much. He was sexy and mysterious, and it doesn't hurt that he is a prince. He was broken and had so many issues, and it was great to see him start something with Clara. Clara was able to really reach him in a way that no one else could, and she was able to help him start to open up to her. He still had a lot that he wouldn't let her in on, but he was able to make a lot of progress with her help. I felt really badly for him because even though it looks like he has everything on the surface, I can't even begin to imagine living the kind of life that he did. He had so many expectations, and until Clara didn't really seem to have anyone that truly cared about him and his needs and she seemed to be the only one in his corner. Clara was struggling with her own issues and had come so far. I loved that she had a great relationship with her best friend and that she was able to be open with her and lean on her for support. I thought she really needed that since her family was so awful. But Clara really needed Alexander, and I thought that he was great for her just like she was for him. She needed his support and encouragement and I though he did a great job of taking her insecurities and showing her how they were actually her strengths. She was stronger than she knew, and Alexander did a great job of helping her realize that. I thought that the chemistry between them was off the charts and they were super hot together. These two really had the steam factor, and I loved that part of their relationship. But I also loved how they took care of each other and I thought that the strongest part of their relationship was really the emotional connection that they were forming.

I knew going into this book that this was the first book in the series, and there are three books total. So the cliffhanger wasn't unexpected, even if it was frustrating. I was prepared, but it still just about killed me. I really need more of Alexander and Clara, and I am not good with being patient. The ending of this one was heartbreaking for me, but knowing that there are still two more books coming eased my fears and feelings after finishing this book. I know that there is so much more story left to tell, and I have faith that Geneva Lee will do the story and the characters justice. After reading this book, I really thought that she did a great job of captivating the reader and telling a unique and different story despite similarities to other stories out there. What made this book so different was Alexander and Clara. Their relationship was special, and is definitely worth the read. I will try to be patient as I wait for the next book, but honestly Conquer Me can't get here soon enough. I highly recommend this story to erotica fans, and I think that this book has something for everyone.

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