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Monday, July 28, 2014

Review: Where Words Fail by Katheryn Kiden

I have been trying to write this review and get my thoughts together, and honestly the name of the book seems to be pretty accurate. Where Words Fail by Katheryn Kiden was not at all what I was expecting going in, and even though the blurb is accurate, the book is so much more than just that. I feel like I didn't really have a clue what I was in for because of everything that happened, but I did end up enjoying this story. I think that this book is going to be one of those that people either really get into or they can't get into at all. I will admit that this one was completely over the top and the story to me was really far fetched. But for me even though it was both far fetched and over the top, I didn't have a problem with the story. I took it for what it was and was able to enjoy this one simply as a book with made up characters and situations and a way to spend a few hours of my time.

Abby Irons co-owns Ironsound Records with her twin brother Alex, and she is also the lead singer for the hugely popular band Thirty Ought Six. When her lead guitarist has to leave the band to go to rehab, he hand picks their new guitarist. When Jameson Williams shows up to join the tour of his new band, he is shocked to find the lead singer is his high school girlfriend and also the girl whose heart he broke years ago. He never got a chance to explain why he left her and he has never stopped loving her. At first Abby doesn't recognize him, and it isn't until later that she finds out who he really is. After Jameson had left her, Abby's already hard life fell apart even further. Now she is trying to make it through the tour with Jameson while dealing with her brother's illness and her niece. But when someone from her past shows up and threatens everything she has worked for, will she and Jameson be able to make it through and have a shot at a future together? Or will the past be too much for them to get over?

I really liked Jameson. He had reasons for doing what he had done and unfortunately he wasn't really given much of a choice in how he dealt with everything. It was hard to see him suffer because of things that were beyond his control. I did think that he could have done a few things differently, but it was clear that he really cared about Abby and had done what he thought was best for her after he had broken her heart. He was sweet and kind, and I loved that he was protective of her and always stood up for her. He was a great match for her and he seemed to always see through to who she really was and not just the front that she put up. I also really liked that he had no problem admitting his feelings and taking his time with her. He was patient and was willing to do things how she needed to do them. Abby was vulnerable and had been through so much. This poor girl just couldn't catch a break. She was constantly dealing with a million things, and I felt so bad for her. I liked that she was always such a rock for those around her though, and you could tell that she would do anything for those that she cared about. I will admit that she didn't ever really seem like a huge rock star to me though, she was just this normal girl who happened to sing for a really popular band. I liked that she was a bit rough around the edges though, and that made her easier to relate to. She wasn't afraid to cuss or say what was on her mind, and she had a tendency to fight and get in some trouble. I thought that her and Jameson were really natural together and they just seemed to fit. They were perfect for each other and had a lot of chemistry. I liked that they were able to still have a great connection after being apart for so long.
I did mention that this one was far fetched though, so here is what I had some problems with. I thought that it was pretty ridiculous that she wouldn't have recognized the guy that she was in love with but her brother would. Her brother had only met Jameson a few times, and yet he was still able to see that it was him after all that time but she somehow had no clue. That just didn't make sense to me. She also didn't even remember that his name was actually Jameson and not Jamie like she used to call him. I also felt like there was just too much going on in this story. It was literally one thing after another, and I found it to be completely unbelievable. This girl is only in her twenties, and the amount of things that she had to go through was insane. I really felt like there were several things that came completely out of left field and could have been left out of the story. There was enough drama and obstacles in this book that some of these things could have been left out. There were several times that something would happen and I would roll my eyes because of it. This book was well written though, and I did really like the characters. I loved Alex's little girl Izzy, and she completely stole the show. I'm not sure that a normal six year old would have been as intelligent and self aware at that age, but I loved her regardless. I also really liked the other members of the band, and I can't wait to get to see more of Tuesday and Evan. (Abby's best friend and Jameson's brother) I know it sounds like there was a lot that didn't work for me or that I didn't like, but really these characters were so likable and easy to get invested in that I really was able to lose myself in the story. I would recommend that if you are interested in reading this book that you go into it knowing that this isn't going to be like real life and that there is a lot that goes on that is not believable. Jameson and Abby are worth the read though, and I can't wait to read Freeing Tuesday next.

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