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Friday, September 19, 2014

ARC Review: Night Unbound by Dianne Duvall

Why have I not heard of this series before now? The Immortal Guardians series is a paranormal romance where immortals are fighting bad vampires. Night Unbound is the fifth book in the series and the start of a new story arc. All the other books up to this point aren’t imperative, I haven’t read them and it was such an easy story to get sucked into. All the stuff you need to know is said and/or explained. The characters are all my favorite kind of people the four S’s; smart, strong, sexy, and smart asses. The story is in-depth and complicated, when it comes to writing it all down for a review, it is all coherent and works well as it comes together in an explosive ending.

Lisette d'Alençon is one of the few female Immortal Guardians and everyone while they all respect her strength they are very protective of her. She has no problem standing on her own as one of the better fighters in the group and would do anything for Seth and their beliefs. Until she does the one thing that is bound to get her on Seth’s shit list she falls for Zach. No one really knows who he is they only know Seth doesn’t like him. Zach is the same as Seth, kind of, when eons ago Seth sided with the humans Zach and the ilk band him and shunned him saying he was going to bring about Armageddon. Zach never understood why Seth risked it all until he met Lisette. Everything Zach has done in the past has to been to get close to her. Seth finds out what Zach has been doing and automatically assumes the worse, that he was the one to betray him and injures him enough that it lures the others to Zach and Zach for all he has done to help the humans is captured and tortured. Zach concentrates on Lisette the whole time enduring far more than ever because he escapes in to Lisette’s dreams. Lisette is fascinated by the winged hunk that shows up sporadically. Lisette as a telepath has almost no control over her power when she sleeps and isn’t all that surprised the Zach keeps showing up each night appearing more injured and weak. One night Zach shows up beaten and almost dead. Lisette calls the two people she knows she can trust and nurses him back to health.

The secret of Lisette and Zach isn’t kept for long when trouble with the crazy vampire threat heightens to a new level and Seth doesn’t know who he can trust anymore. It doesn’t take long for it all to sort out and finger the next person to blame. Everything falls in place as it becomes evident that the unknown enemy is something they really never expected. I am so going to read the other books in this series and really looking forward to reading more.

**ARC provided by Publisher**

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