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Thursday, September 18, 2014

ARC Review: Forever Starts Tonight by Roni Loren

Forever Starts tonight is a novella in Roni Loren's Loving on the Edge series, and features Jace, Andre and Evan from Melt Into You. While this book could be read as a standalone, I would definitely recommend reading Melt Into You before starting this one to get the full experience. I really love Roni Loren's books, and she always packs so much heat and steam into her stories. I was really excited when I first heard about this book, because like the rest of the fans I just wanted more of these three. It was nice to get more of them and see how they were doing together. I will admit that this novella felt like a really long epilogue to me though.

I really enjoyed seeing how Jace, Andre, and Evan were dealing with issues that hadn't really occurred to them before. Their relationship was anything but normal, and in this story I think that really started to sink in. They began to think about marriage and kids, and how that would work for them. I liked that this book really seemed to strengthen the feelings that they already had between them and set them up for an even stronger HEA. I really thought that it was great to see them finally be completely open and honest with one another, and I felt like they were able to lay all their cards on the table. I enjoyed seeing how they worked all together, and separately as well. Their relationship felt real to me, and I didn't sense anyone being left out or having hurt feelings. These three individuals really work best as a triad, and I think that was clear all through this story.

I did feel like there wasn't a lot going on with this one though, other than some really steamy sex. I will be the first to admit that I enjoy those parts of the book the best, but for me that was the majority of this story and it just seemed to start to drag because of that. I felt like there were a few things that were introduced into this story that ended up being pretty much non-events, and I was wanting to see how those played out. Andre's ex clearly wasn't taking no for an answer, and I really wanted to get some closure on that one and see her confronted with Jace and Evan face to face. It would have been nice to see her witness the connection between the three of them, and I honestly wanted them to kind of show her what they were all about. I really think that you can't go wrong with anything that Roni Loren writes, and I always enjoy her writing style and the majorly hot books that she writes. But for me, this one just wasn't quite as good as I have come to expect from her. I honestly can't wait for the next book in the series. I am dying to get my hands on Colby's book Nothing Between Us.

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