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Saturday, September 20, 2014

ARC Review: Uncivilized by Sawyer Bennett

Uncivilized was a seriously sexy read by Sawyer Bennett, and I really enjoyed reading this one. This book was so different from anything that I have ever read before, and I really liked how unique it was. I would definitely recommend this book if you are looking for something that is not only different from others out there and are looking for a book with some a lot heat and steam.

Zacharias Easton has been used to living in the jungle with no rules at all. He takes what he wants when he wants and is used to having control. But when Moira Reed shows up to take him back to the US after his godfather tracks him down, he is reluctant to go. His adoptive father tells him that he needs to return to where he came from, and makes him promise to at least give it a year and if he is unhappy to return after that. At first Zach wants nothing more than to make Moira uncomfortable and to punish her from taking him away from the home and life he loves. But as Zach and Moira grow closer and he learns more about modern society he starts to question where he truly belongs.

Zach was great. He was uncivilized and so manly, a complete alpha. I loved that he was super smart and really loved to learn new things and see the world. He was so sexual, and he was determined to learn every way to pleasure and to receive pleasure from a woman. I loved that he was relentless with Moira and wouldn't let her run away from the attraction between them. They were so hot together, and you could feel the tension between them. Moira tried so hard to stay professional and avoid what was going on between her and Zach, but in the end the passion she felt was undeniable. I liked seeing her give up some of that control and really explore that side of herself with Zach. I felt like these two were perfect for each other on a physical level, but they also developed such a strong emotional connection after everything that they had been through.

For me though, I struggled with some of the story itself. It was slow at times and felt like it would drag a bit. I found myself wanting to skim some parts of Zach's history and his life in the jungle to get back to him and Moira. These two were just so sexy together, and I thought that they could not have been any hotter. I loved reading about them together in both the physical sense and also just being together. They were different and I hadn't seen a relationship like theirs before in anything I remember reading. I would definitely recommend this story, and I think that if you are looking for something with a ton of steam that you should look no further. I look forward to reading more from Sawyer Bennett in the future.

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