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Monday, January 5, 2015

A Naughty New Year...Brazen Style with Karen Erickson and Giveaway

USA Today bestselling author Karen Erickson writes what she loves to read – sexy contemporary romance. Digitally published since 2006, she’s a native Californian who lives in the foothills below Yosemite with her husband and three children. She is also the New York Times and USA Today bestselling author of new adult contemporary romance Monica Murphy.

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**Here’s a sweet little New Year’s Eve scene featuring Aubrey and Flynn Foley, the couple from my November Brazen GAME FOR TONIGHT. Hope you enjoy it!**

“You seem nervous, baby.” Aubrey stiffened at the sound of her husband’s deep, husky voice, then relaxed into him when he slipped his arms around her waist from behind. “What’s on your mind?”

So many things she wanted to tell him and now was the perfect time. Too bad she was such a coward. “I don’t want to leave. It’s been nice, staying here with Jared and Sheridan.”

Flynn’s team had played the Hawks—and lost to the Hawks, unfortunately—just a few days ago and Aubrey flew out to watch the game. A few weeks ago, Sheridan had invited them to stay for New Year’s since they were having a big party and Aubrey had missed her friends so much, she’d practically begged Flynn to do it. He’d agreed and now here they were, on New Year’s Eve, standing outside on Jared and Sheridan’s deck, the cool breeze bringing with it the scent of the nearby ocean.

“You just don’t want to go back to the snow,” Flynn murmured, his chest vibrating as he spoke. They lived in Denver and holy balls it was cold there.
Aubrey pressed her cheek to his chest and sighed. “I’m still not used to it.”

“Me either.” He kissed the top of her head and gave her a reassuring squeeze. “But we can’t stay here forever.”

She knew that. And she didn’t want to stay at Jared and Sheridan’s forever. Watching Sheridan take care of their twins was a stark slap of reality for Aubrey. How did Sheridan do it all, and times two? One was bad enough. Aubrey tried to help her as much as she could. For instance, she’d held sweet little Sadie earlier this afternoon while Sheridan changed Aidan’s diaper. The minute the chubby little girl had settled into her arms, she’d promptly burst into tears. Confirming what Aubrey already suspected.

When it came to babies, she was a disaster. She didn’t know what she was doing and probably never would.

Scary stuff considering the condition she was in.

“You’re awfully quiet,” Flynn said, interrupting her thoughts. He splayed one hand across her stomach and she sucked in a harsh breath, wondering if he knew. Could he know? She hadn’t told anyone, not even Willow Hamilton, one of her closest friends, who was sharper than a tack and too nosy for her own good. She’d hammered Aubrey incessantly since they arrived in California, asking her what was up, but Aubrey reassured her she was just worn out from the holiday rush.

Not necessarily a lie, but not the altogether truth either.

“I’m tired,” Aubrey said, her automatic go-to explanation for her odd behavior. That wasn’t necessarily a lie either. But she knew she was acting strange. She was usually the nonstop talker, the fixer, the organizer.

But that wasn’t happening right now. She was exhausted. All the time. Her stomach didn’t feel so good, not just in the morning either, so that morning sickness deal was a lie. And she had to pee.


Wasn’t that supposed to be a symptom when a woman was as huge as a house and ready to pop? This made no sense.

But ever since she discovered her, um, condition, nothing had made much sense. Including her terrified reaction.

“You’ve been complaining about being tired for a while.” The concern in her husband’s voice was obvious. He didn’t like that she didn’t feel well. Not one bit. “Are you sure you’re all right?”

She was thankful she wasn’t facing him, so he wouldn’t see the hesitation in her eyes, on her face. Because it was so there, she could feel it. And she was glad they were outside versus inside where the party was in full swing. It was way past eleven-thirty, the clock inching closer to midnight, and she didn’t think she could handle all the yelling and the horn blowing that would come when the clock struck twelve and it became the new year.

A new year, and a chance for new beginnings. She’d married Flynn in the fall, during his team’s bye week of all things, their wedding inserted into his packed schedule, and now…only a few months married and she was going to have his baby?

He was probably going to flip out. Everything had moved so fast with them but he remained her calm, steady rock. So why was she worried he would freak over having a baby?

Maybe because she was freaking out?

Oh yeah, that had to be it.

Flynn turned her in his arms, making her face him. He bent down, his eyes meeting hers, sparkling in the dim light. Slowly, his mouth turned down and his brows furrowed. He was staring at her hard, like he could see right through her and she tried her best to put on a bright, stress free face.

But she failed miserably.

“Tell me what’s wrong,” he demanded.

A shiver went down her spine. Despite her worry, she really did love it when Flynn got so bossy with her. It was kind of sexy. Okay, really sexy.
“Nothing,” she started but the look he sent her shut her up.

He shook his head. “Bullshit. Tell me, Aub. Good or bad, you know I’m here for you, right?”

She did. She so did. He’d made that clear from the start. Blowing out a harsh breath, she searched for courage but came up empty. As if he knew it, he leaned in, brushing her mouth with his, the kiss soft and lingering and making everything within her ache. “Tell me what it is, baby. I can fix it. Make it all better.”

Could he? Maybe. “I, um…”

“Hey, you two lovebirds coming inside to ring in the new year? We’re getting read to countdown in a few minutes.”

They both turned to find Nick Hamilton standing in front of them, a drink in one hand and crazy sunglasses that spelled out 2015 sat a little crooked on his face. The big, imposing football player looked ridiculous—and more than a little drunk.

“Ah, give us a few minutes,” Flynn said, glaring at him.

She figured Nick got the message loud and clear. They wanted to be alone. “Hurry up, then. It’s 2015 in less than five minutes.” With that, he turned and went back into the house.

“That guy is like stealth,” Flynn muttered the moment they were alone again. “I never even heard him come outside.”

She was thankful for the reprieve. Though now it was do or die time. “Flynn, I have something to tell you.”

The frown came back, even more intense this time. Despite it, her husband was still handsome. So incredibly sweet. And sexy. Ooh, he was so sexy. Knew just how to touch her, just how to drive her out of her mind with pleasure. That’s why she was in this predicament. They couldn’t keep their hands off each other most of the time. In the last few months, they’d become downright careless with birth control. Hell, they were married. No big deal, right?


“Aub, just say it,” he urged. He looked…scared. And she didn’t want that.

Reaching up, she touched his cheek, streaked her fingers across his skin, along his jaw. “I’m going to have a baby.” The words spilled out of her, sounding more like I’mgoingtohaveababy. She wondered if he understood her.

Hmm. By the way his eyebrows shot up so high they almost hit his hairline, she’d guess that yes indeed, he totally understood her.

“What?” he breathed, shaking his head once, as if to clear out any confusion that lingered. “Did you say you’re having a baby?”

She nodded, pressing her lips together.

“My baby?”

Aubrey rolled her eyes and socked him in his rock hard chest. Ow. “No, the next door neighbor’s baby. Yes. I’m pregnant. With your baby.”

He laughed, his expression full of shock and awe. “You’re serious.”

“I’m dead serious. You’re going to be a daddy.” She sniffed, staggered by the sting of tears in her eyes and she blinked them back. Why was she close to crying? Her emotions had been a wreck. She’d gone back and forth since she’d taken those pregnancy tests, from surprise and elation to devastation and worry.

A baby changed everything. They wouldn’t be two anymore. A baby made them three. A family. Someone they were responsible for, no more spontaneous trips, she’d have to quit work for a while, maybe—gulp—forever, and she’d get fat.

It all terrified her. Yet excited her too.

“You’re pregnant.” He pushed her away from him and settled his hand over her belly, his fingers caressing her over the sweater she wore. “I can’t believe it. When are you due?”

“I haven’t gone to the doctor yet, but I have an appointment.” He sent her a stern look. “There’s nothing they can do for me now beyond give me a test and confirm it, but I already took a test.” Three to be exact. “And I figure I’m due in July.”

“Two months along then. Or around. And July is good timing, Aub. No preseason yet.” He smiled, slipped his hand beneath her sweater so he could touch bare skin. “You’re going to have my baby.”

That possessive gleam in his gaze sent heat spiraling through her blood. “Yes, I am,” she confirmed just as he kissed her.

She could hear the partygoers inside yelling for everyone to get ready for the countdown. It was close to midnight. Close to a new year, a new life. Aubrey slipped her arms around Flynn’s neck and clung close, their mouths opening wider, their tongues tangling. The countdown started, she could hear them through the French doors that were only a few feet away and she ended the kiss first, staring up at her husband who watched her just as intently.


“You’re blowing my mind tonight, Aub,” he said, making her laugh.


“You’re happy?” she asked.


“Hell yeah,” he confirmed, pressing his forehead to hers. “I love you.”


“I love you, too,” she whispered.

Happy New Year!

She'll teach him the art of seduction one play at a time...

Publicist Aubrey Cooper never should have crossed the line. After all, pro football player Flynn Foley is her client. But something about this mouth-wateringly-hot, clean-cut athlete makes Aubrey imagine all kinds of X-rated fantasies. And it only takes one game-changing play―and one night―to turn the tables from strictly business to very, very personal…

Flynn has maintained a no-sexy-distractions policy for his entire pro career. Aubrey is exactly the kind of distraction he was trying to avoid, and she's the one he can't resist. When the media catches wind of their naughty little liaison, however, Aubrey's boss steps in to make them an official couple. What Flynn doesn't know is that Aubrey is forced to fake the relationship―or lose her job. Now Aubrey must hide the truth…even as she begins to fall for Flynn.

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