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Thursday, January 8, 2015

A Naughty New Year...Brazen Style with Kelsie Leverich and Giveaway

New York Times bestselling author Kelsie Leverich lives in Indiana with her husband, two adorable monsters—who are better known as her kids—and her three little fur babies. Whether she is reading it or writing it, Kelsie is a sucker for romance. Add some toe-curling passion and she’s done for. When not writing, she can usually be found behind the chair at the salon, or out on the lake with friends and family.

Kelsie is a lipstick junkie, nail polish hoarder, and lover of words. She is most definitely not a morning person, has a soft spot for animals, loves musicals, hates seafood, and thinks laundry is the source of all evil.

Find Kelsie at:

Happy New Year! I’m so excited to be a part of this Naughty New Year’s event! In my newest release, Lovers Restored, we got to meet Cooper and Halle. Halle retuned to the small town of Glenley, Indiana where she grew up to fulfill a promise she had made to her best friend. Only she runs in to the man she’d been running from for the last ten years. Her best friend’s older brother.

These two had a heck of a time finding their HEA. But the found it! And now we get a little glimpse of their life together in this sexy New Year’s Eve scene. Enjoy!

Thanksgiving, Christmas, and now New Year’s.

Cooper hadn’t had this many people in his house since… Never.

And though he loved every single person in the room, the impatient need to kick them all out was ticking through his muscles like an involuntary reflex. He settled back against the living room wall and eased his beer bottle to his lips. With his fiancĂ©e’s chest flushed pink from champagne and her head thrown back in laughter, he was finding it more and more difficult not to end this party so he could bring in the New Year making every part of her body turn varying shades of pink from his mouth alone.

As if she were privy to his lewd thoughts, Halle shifted her attention to him and smiled across the room. Her green eyes shimmered with a drunken haze and her cheeks heated up. She slowly tipped her flute to her lips and took a modest sip. She was intentionally antagonizing him, and if she wasn’t careful, he’d have no problem hauling her to their bed and counting down to midnight while he thrust inside her.

Had he not known how important it was for her to be surrounded by her friends when the clock struck twelve, she would’ve already been beneath him.
Resolutions, wishes, dreams, promises—that woman of his held onto them with everything she had. Fuck—if she hadn’t, she wouldn’t be here with him at this very moment. His home wouldn’t feel like a home. His mom wouldn’t be thriving. And he wouldn’t be the man he finally was today.

Biting back a groan, he watched as she slipped her tongue across her top lip and licked off the champagne fizz that lingered there. He’d give her till midnight. Then, come 12:01, she was his.

With a quick glance at the clock, he pushed off the wall and crossed the room to her, setting his beer down on the fireplace mantle as he passed. Luckily for him, he only had to wait ten more minutes.

When he stepped beside her, she instantly pressed against him and he slipped his arm around her.

“So, what about you, Dilly?” she said, easily continuing her conversation with his childhood friend as she snuggled into his side. “What’s your New Year’s resolution?”

Dilly rubbed his round stomach and gave it a couple quick pats. “I’d say I’d like to lose a few pounds, but we all know the ladies like me large and in charge.”

“And you like beer and pizza,” Cooper chimed in.

“Don’t forget your mom’s cooking.”

That earned a laugh from Halle. “We all love Kathryn’s cooking.”

“Yours too, babe,” Cooper said.

She looked up at him and smiled, and he could see sentimental warmth filling her eyes. “I learned from the best.”

Cooper dropped a kiss to her forehead, then her lips, pulling her in and deepening the kiss for a few heartbeats. She hummed quietly and sank into him, her body going loose in his arms.

“So tell me,” he whispered against her mouth, “what’s your resolution?”

Her felt her lips turn up into a smile the moment before she stepped out of his embrace and tugged on his hands. “Come on.”

There was a spark in her eyes that shone through her tipsy haze—one that tipped him off to exactly what she was doing. And he wasn’t about to stop her.

She led him back to their room and shut the door behind them.

He heard the click of the lock. “Don’t tell me your resolution is to start getting more sleep.” He smirked.

She shook her head and unzipped her dress. He’d admit part of him was disappointed that it wasn’t his hands pulling the zipper down her spine, opening her dress and unveiling her ivory skin. But then again, watching the way her body moved—the way her shoulders tilted from side to side, the way her hips shimmied—was just as satisfying.

The dress dropped to the floor, revealing a red lace thong. That’s it.

The rich crimson color was stark against her creamy flesh and he licked his lips in appreciation. “Let me guess,” he said, taking a step toward her. “Your resolution is to wear this and only this every single time you’re alone with me.”

“You’d like that, wouldn’t you?”

“Damn right I would.”

She laughed, and the throaty, sexy sound made his already hard cock swell even more. “I think we can come to some kind of agreement.”

With practiced hands, he gripped her waist and drew her flush against him. Her nipples pebbled on contact, rasping his chest through the material of his T-shirt. “I think this might be non-negotiable, babe,” he said as he palmed her glorious ass in his hands, using the leverage to ensure she felt him hard and ready against her stomach.

There was a small catch in her breath, so minute that anyone else wouldn’t have even noticed. But this was his Halle.

Shouts echoed down the hall in a chorus of warnings—laughter and music diluting the voices. But the message was clear: only five minutes till twelve.

“You gonna kiss me at midnight?” Halle asked sweetly—only the look that passed through her eyes played more on the side of wicked.

“Oh, baby, I’m going to do a lot more than kiss you.”

“Good,” she whispered. “Because I’m gonna kiss you right now.”

Halle rose up on her toes and melded her lips to his. She continued to caress his mouth with slow, tender kisses that sparked every possessive nerve in his body until flames licked down his spine and his blood turned hot with need.

He groaned, unleashing the tension that had built throughout the night as he’d watched her from across the room, as he’d touched her during conversation, and as he’d kissed her in passing. Parting her lips with his tongue, he invaded her mouth, turning their kiss into a claiming she fully accepted.

She moaned into his mouth and wrapped her arms around his neck, twining her fingers in his hair. In two short steps, he had her braced against the side of the bed and was undoing his jeans. He needed to be inside her, to feel her cling to his cock the same way she was clinging to his body.

Quickly, he peeled her thong down her legs, adding it to his pile of clothes on the floor before lowering her to the mattress. And in one fluid movement, he was on top of her and inside her—all over her.

Halle cried out, giving him the motive to push that much deeper, thrust that much harder.

“Omigod, yes,” she moaned, wrapping her legs around him. Her heels dug into his ass, her nails latched onto his back. “Mmmm.” The sound slipping between her lips was muted and soft, as if intentionally trying to be quiet.

“Babe,” he said into her ear as he angled the thrust of his cock to rub against her swollen clit every time sank back inside her. Another whimper escaped her. “I don’t care if the entire house hears you come. Don’t hold back.”

With a clipped nod, Halle bit her lip and rocked against him. “I won’t if you won’t.”


It wasn’t as if he needed the invitation. But the way she spoke was nearly a plea, and there was no way he was leaving her wanting for anything. His pace quickened. So good. She was so fucking good. Wet and warm. And his.

Blood roared in his ears, sweat beaded on his chest, and pressure accumulated at the base of his spine. He could feel Halle’s body tightening as chants sounded from the living room.

“Ten, nine, eight, seven, six, five, four…”


“Two, one…”

She exploded around him, the muscles of her sex pulling him in deep—milking his cock—as he came long and hard.

“Happy New Year, babe,” he said, and then kissed her with the same tenderness she had earlier.

“Mmm. I’d say so,” she moaned.

He laughed. “You never told me what your resolution is.” Simultaneously, he rolled to the mattress, pulling her onto him.

“That’s because I don’t have one.”

Frowning he asked, “What? You don’t have one?”

She shook her head and smiled. “The only thing I want to change this year is my last name.”

Cooper glanced at the ring he’d placed on her finger just a few short months ago, knowing nothing in this world would make him happier than giving Halle his last name.

She raised her hand to run it through his hair, but he captured her wrist and pressed a kiss to her palm. “And that’s one I’ll make sure you keep.”

So much need. So much desire…

It's been exactly ten years since Halle Morgan last set foot in her tiny hometown. Now she's back, but only long enough to honor the memory of her best friend and try to leave the past behind her. But with one look at Cooper Bale, Halle knows there is no escape from the past—or from the man she wants like no other.

Cooper can't let go of his painful memories, or the guilt that tore him and Halle apart. And try as he might, he can't forget the bittersweet night they once shared. Even now, longing sizzles between them, potent and insatiable. Though blissful nights spent in Halle's arms heal the bitterness in Cooper's heart, they know they have no future…until they let go of the past that brought them together.

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