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Monday, January 5, 2015

Review: Late Call by Emma Hart

Late Call is the first book in the Call Series by Emma Hart. This book is not a standalone, with Dayton and Aaron's story continuing in Final Call. I will say that Late Call does end with a mother of a cliffhanger, but luckily this entire series is out now so there is no waiting to find out what happens. I was really excited to read this book, and I loved it. It was different and interesting, and the characters were great. This one left me hungry for more and I can't wait to start the next book in this series.

Seven years ago, Aaron and Dayton spent the summer together in Paris where they fell in love before going their separate ways. Both of them have moved forward with their lives, but they never forgot each other or the love they shared. But now, Dayton is a successful call girl. When she gets called in for a last minute job as an escort for a man taking over his father's business, she never expects to find Aaron is her new client. After the shock of finding Dayton again, Aaron is unwilling to let her go a second time and buys her for the next six weeks. Aaron wants to get to know her again and see where things will take them, but Dayton knows that she needs to keep her heart locked up and not to let things get personal between them again. But with six weeks together, they both can't help but fall for one another all over again. Can they have what they walked away from all those years ago, or will there be too many things that stand in their way?

I really liked Aaron. He was sexy and commanding, while also being sweet and thoughtful. He wanted nothing more than to reconnect with Dayton while also providing for her and taking care of her. I thought that he went about things the wrong way a few times, but I also saw that he was only doing what he thought he needed to. Aaron really cared about Dayton, and I loved seeing that he remembered absolutely everything from their time together. Dayton was complicated as you would expect. She was smart and knew how to get what she wanted. She wasn't embarrassed by her profession, and she enjoyed the control that it gave her. She was confident and strong, while also having a vulnerability to her. I loved getting to see a different side to her with Aaron though. She tried hard to fight what was between them, but it was also clear that the connection between them was something that neither of them could fight. Aaron and Dayton had amazing chemistry and you could really feel the tension between them. But I also loved seeing the emotional bond between them from the past, and what they were developing now as well.

Overall, this was a great book. I really enjoyed the characters and the story, and I loved seeing these two have a second chance at love together. This one definitely had me on an emotional roller coaster, and the ending pretty much wrecked me. I was so invested in these characters at that point, that it broke my heart seeing these two going through everything that happened. I know their story isn't close to over and they have a long way to go yet. I am so glad that the next book is available though, because I am not sure that I could wait for more. I am becoming a huge fan of Emma Hart's with each book I read of hers, and I love how different and unique each of her characters and stories are. I would absolutely recommend this series, and I honestly can't wait to get more of Aaron and Dayton.

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