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Wednesday, January 7, 2015

ARC Review: Forever, Your Concierge by Jessica Ingro

Forever Your Concierge is the second book in the Concierge Series by Jessica Ingro. While I was excited to start this book, I was also a bit worried. I really loved Travis in the first book, but I had a lot of issues with Maya. Although I still had a lot of issues with Maya in this story, Travis could not have been more perfect. I loved him so much, and he is definitely one of the best book boyfriends I have ever read about.

Travis and Maya got together after running into each other at a bar after Maya had a disastrous date with one of her clients from the business her best friend Elizabeth owned. They kept their relationship secret from Elizabeth because Maya didn't want to upset Elizabeth and her no dating clients rule after her horrible recent attempt with Paul. But when the truth came out, Elizabeth was happy for her friends and Maya and Travis could finally move forward with their lives. They got married and things seemed to be perfect for them until everything fell apart. With Maya's past suddenly reappearing as well as new struggles for Maya and Travis, Maya has a hard time coping and instead of turning to Travis tries to deal with things on her own. Can Travis and Maya make it through everything and come out together or will their relationship be proof that sometimes love is not enough?

Travis was perfect and amazing, and could not have been a better guy if he would have tried. He was sweet and thoughtful, and far more understanding that I can even attempt to explain. He put up with so much and was such a rock for Maya, no matter what she did. He encouraged her and supported her and although he would get mad, he never treated her badly or punished her. He forgave her every time and didn't hold grudges, and I am not talking about minor issues here. Travis was fantastic and I loved him. Maya still frustrated me in this story, and it was worse even than in the first book. This time it wasn't about Elizabeth though, but about everything she put Travis through. I could not understand why she refused to talk to him or include him in huge things going on in her life. Especially when they were married and everything that she was doing affected him as well as herself. She was selfish and while she was experiencing pain and going through rough things, so was Travis. She shut him out completely and made horrible choices, and honestly she didn't ever really redeem herself to me. Travis deserved better, and while I liked how things turned out for these two I felt bad for all he had to go through to get there when it wasn't necessary.

Overall, this was a good story even if I did have problems with Maya. The journey for Maya and Travis wasn't an easy one, and I think that Maya did grow up over the course of this book. But I still hated how she handled things, and I was hoping that she would have figured things out much sooner than she did. I didn't feel like she ever made up for her actions completely, but I did see that Travis loved her unconditionally. She might not have deserved him to me, but I have never been in a situation like they were in so it is hard for me to really understand his motivation to stay with her though I will say that it had to have been true love to go through everything and stick by her. I know that it sounds like a lot of bad in this review, but I did enjoy the story and how things were at the end. I loved seeing more of Elizabeth and Grant and how things played out for them. The ending of this story was really great and I thought that it was really cute. I will say that it was nice to briefly see more of Elizabeth and Maya's friend Matt, but I would still love to get more of him and see how his life turned out. While this wasn't my favorite by Jessica Ingro, I would recommend this book for Travis alone.

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