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Saturday, January 10, 2015

Review: Love, Your Concierge by Jessica Ingro

Let me start off by saying that I love the cover for Love, Your Concierge. I think that is what immediately drew me to this book! That and the fact that I love Jessica Ingro's writing style. She always writes such real and complex characters that are unique from anyone else out there. Not to mention she has written some of the hottest sex scenes I have ever read. All that being said though, what really kept me turning the pages with this story was Grant and Elizabeth. I really enjoyed their journey, and I honestly can't wait for more from Jessica Ingro after she proved once again why her books are so great.

Elizabeth has been building her concierge business since she was in college, and now she serves as the personal concierge to many of the most rich and famous individuals in New York. Her one rule is that she never mixes business with pleasure. She was never tempted to break her rule until she met client Grant Morgan. Grant is a top Manhattan attorney and has a playboy reputation. The attraction between them is beyond anything Elizabeth has ever felt before, but she doesn't want to be just another notch on his bedpost. But when she finally gives in to the connection between them, she finds herself falling for him fast. As they both try to adjust to their new relationship they must also deal with jealous ex-lovers, and family and friends that would keep them apart. When the trust between them is broken, will they be able to forgive all that has happened or will the love they share not be enough?

For the most part, I loved Grant. He had a few moments when he wasn't my favorite, and a few where I seriously wanted to junk punch the guy. But then he had these incredibly sweet and romantic moments where he would make up for his awful behavior. At first he comes off as the arrogant playboy he is thought to be, but when you dig deeper you see and incredibly vulnerable man that has been hurt and would do whatever it takes to protect himself. He didn't always make the right decisions, and I wished that he would have used his head a bit more, but I could honestly see that he cared for Elizabeth and that he was doing what he thought he had to for himself. Elizabeth also had her moments. She was smart and driven, but yet she made some really dumb choices. She was also extremely stubborn and prideful. I just wanted to shake her a few times, but eventually she started to figure things out. These two had such a strong connection and chemistry that I really believed they were meant to be together. The sex was off the charts for these two, but they also just got each other. They were the perfect pair, which is why some of the drama between these two just about killed me. 

While the poor decisions between these two really affected their relationship, it was also their lack of communications. They let others interfere in their relationship and didn't both to actually talk to each other about it, rather they chose to make assumptions and judgments based on what others told them. I thought that things would get straightened out fairly quickly, but these two proved me wrong. They were so stubborn, and I hated that they let outside influences change the course of their lives so much. Luckily these two finally woke up and were able to see everything that was true and I really ended up liking the ending. I will say that I liked the secondary characters in this book, especially Matt and Travis. I felt badly for Matt, and I honestly would love for him to get his own book. I also really liked Travis and thought that he was just an all around great guy and a wonderful friend to Elizabeth when she needed him the most. Her friend Maya though drove me a bit nuts. She was supposed to be her best friend, and yet she was always trying to push Elizabeth to be with Matt and make all these huge life changes that weren't right for Elizabeth. It honestly felt like she didn't know Elizabeth at all, and I had to wonder what her motivation was. I am looking forward to reading her story with Travis, Forever Your Concierge, and I am hoping that she will redeem herself a bit and that I will like her more in that story. Because I have to say right now I am not a fan of hers. I definitely would recommend this story though if you are looking for some steam and a book that centers around real characters. These are not your cookie-cutter romance characters, but rather real and flawed individuals who sometimes make bad choices and do things that aren't great. But what I love about them is that Jessica Ingro takes them as well as the reader on a journey and they always end up where they should. I am really looking forward to more from her in the future and I can't wait to see what she writes next.

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