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Saturday, January 31, 2015

Audiobook Review: The Devil in Denim by Melanie Scott, Narrated by Julie Frances

“The Devil in Denim” was my first experience with anything by Melanie Scott. There were some things I liked about the story and some I think needed more work.

In this story Maggie Jameson is drunk at a bar because she just found out her father sold his team the New York Saints' a New York baseball team and according to Maggie, her inheritance. The team was bought out by Alex Winters. Alex himself was a baseball player but because of an injury he was forced to end his career. Life was not unfair to him though, and he is now a rich business man and also very handsome.

So I really like the idea of Alex buying the team from Maggie’s father and them working together. I also like Alex. Even though the title depicts him as a devil he was really a great guy. He was self-assured but not arrogant. He was very fair and a very smart businessman. The character that fell short for me was Maggie. It was so hard to 1) empathized with her and 2) like her. From the very beginning she is angry at Alex because he bought the team. This is unclear to me because her father obviously wanted to sell it. Although the team has been a part of Maggie’s family the team is in financial trouble and her father ends up selling it. This, in Maggie’s eyes makes Alex a “devil.” She was so rude and nasty to him all because he bought the team. Which was completely puzzling to me. Then she is angry at her father because after graduating from business school she was supposed to have a very comfortable job as CEO for the Saints. I mean cry me a river, Maggie. Alex understanding that the Saints are a family business wants to hire Maggie as an effort to help him win over the team and the fans. Maggie is angry and resistant to this idea. Why? I have no idea, I didn’t see a string of job offers even though she was apparently incredibly talented. So I get what the author was trying to do but Maggie just came off as a self-absorbed pampered –entitled princess. Besides Maggie’s unlikeability, I also found the dialogue between the adults to be very childish. The way Maggie spoke with some of her friends reminded me of a group of high school friends not grown and mature women.

Even though I didn’t care for Maggie I did really like Alex and I really liked his chemistry with Maggie. This would have been a four star for me if the heroine had more depth. Also, the narrator Julie Frances made most of the women sound very whiney especially Maggie. Once I got past my dislike of Maggie I enjoyed the sports world and the loyalty of the team. I also enjoyed watching the hero and heroine fall in love. I also plan to read more stories by Scott.

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