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Sunday, January 25, 2015

Guest Post with Author Elle Kennedy and Giveaway

A RITA-award-nominated, best-selling author, Elle Kennedy A USA Today bestselling author, Elle Kennedy grew up in the suburbs of Toronto, Ontario, and holds a BA in English from York University. Visit her website or sign up for her newsletter to receive updates about upcoming books and exclusive excerpts.

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After Hours Inspiration

Confession: I’m not a fan of MMA or UFC, or any sort of professional fighting, really. Not because I’m against organized violence or anything, but mainly because I get really bored when I’m watching a match. Also, depending on the fighting style, a lot of the times it’s just what I like to describe as “two men rolling around on a mat and hugging.” Yeah…I don’t get wrestling at all.

However, I absolutely appreciate a sexy fighter, though I didn’t realize deep my appreciation ran until I saw Tom Hardy in Warrior.

The movie was on TV one day, and it only took about 5 seconds for me to think, Um, why don’t I watch more fighting matches?? And why am I not writing a book about a hot MMA fighter, like right now?

And that’s how Gage from One Night of Sin was created. I really wanted to write a Tom Hardy-Warrior-esque hero, and I was so excited to do it that the novella pretty much wrote itself. Except as always, I made the mistake of introducing side characters that I absolutely fell in love with, so the novella ended up spawning two more books featuring Gage’s friends, Reed and AJ.

Now, the series doesn’t focus on the fighting. At all. Because no matter how much I enjoyed watching Tom Hardy and Joel Edgerton look all sexy and sweaty while they beat the crap out of each other, I didn’t want the books to be about that. The novella does feature one fighting match, but other than that, I chose to make my characters be retired fighters, and focused on their nightclub instead. But I love the element of danger that their former profession brings to the men’s personalities. When I hear the word “fighter”, my mind immediately goes to “bad boy”, and the heroes of After Hours fit that bill.

In fact, even when I tried writing a good guy for the final book in the series, One Night of Trouble, AJ Walsh still ended up being a total bad boy, which I didn’t expect. But…well, I’m definitely not complaining about that =)

No More Mr. Nice Guy…

The moment AJ Walsh sees the sexy, tattooed pixie walk up to his bar, it's lust at first sight. He's always been labeled the "nice" guy―opening doors, buying flowers, and never, ever having one-night stands. But with this wicked little angel with red lips and unfathomably dark eyes? Oh, yeah. Tonight, "nice" has nothing to do with it...

Brett Conlon is trying to convince her family that she's put away her reckless wild girl side for good. Nothing―and no one―could be better for her reputation than golden boy AJ Walsh. So they make a deal: if he plays The Good Boyfriend for her family, he can be a very, very bad boy with her. Now their one naughty night is about to turn into a whole lot of trouble...

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Without breaking eye contact, she grasped the bottom of her dress and teasingly drew it up her thighs. AJ’s mouth went bone-dry as he watched the fabric slide higher and higher, revealing tantalizing glimpses of her smooth, fair skin. When the koi fish on her thigh became visible, he was hit with the memory of dragging his tongue over the tattoo while his fingers pumped inside her.

A groan slipped out as he focused on her bare sex.

“Good girl,” he rasped. “That’s just what I wanted.” She was about to let the dress drop when his hand flew up to stop her. “No, keep holding it up.”

Her breasts rose as she sucked in a breath, but the material stayed bunched between her fingers.

“Spread your legs more,” he ordered.

She widened her stance, exposing herself fully to his hungry gaze. His cock had turned into a slab of marble, pressing painfully into his zipper, but he didn’t make a move to release it yet.

He’d never fucked a woman in his office before. He knew Gage and Reed got it on with Skyler and Darcy in their workspaces all the time, but AJ had always tried to act professional at work. Taking a woman on his desk would’ve felt like breaking the rules.

He was sick to death of rules.

“Walk over to the door,” he said softly. “Brace your hands on it and bend over. Make sure your dress stays up.”

Her breath caught. “What if I don’t want to?”

“Then you don’t get my cock.” Slanting his head in challenge, he slid his hand down his abdomen and cupped himself over his pants.

Brett’s eyes widened, lips parting seductively. Waves of arousal rolled off her slender body, and his own body responded in fervor, his erection thickening beneath his palm.

It occurred to him that they’d gone from hi to spread your legs in five seconds flat, but that only made the whole encounter even hotter. She wasn’t there so they could talk about their days.

She was there so they could make each other come.

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  1. There are lots of lines in my head from all the great books I've read. I love it when something reminds me of a book scene or quote. It's like revisiting the book.

  2. Thanks for the post. I love to hear how a writer gets their ideas and the creative process. I also cannot watch fights but do appreciate the principles behind it and I love to read books with them as the sexy hero. This series looks awesome and I am excited to read them. :)

  3. yes, certain lines stick with a person

  4. Yes, lines definitely stick with me. Sometimes, I think I live in the land of books more than reality. Recently, I had a stomach ache and I kept thinking that someone had told me a ginger rice recipe to use. Finally, I realized that the ginger sauce rice was what Wellsie made for John Matthew (a transitioning vampire) in the Black Dagger Brotherhood.

  5. There are several lines from books that have stuck with me over the years. There are even more scenes that have.

  6. A lot of lines from Rainbow Rowell's books have stuck with me.

  7. Thank you ...
    I can't wait to read these books!!!!

  8. Yes, there are lines from some of the books I've read.