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Saturday, January 31, 2015

ARC Review: Take Me With You by K.A. Linde

Let me start off by saying that in case you didn't know or haven't read anything by K.A. Linde before, that she is the absolute queen of angst! She always gets you there in the end, but the journey there just might kill you! I always love her characters and stories, and I think that she is a fantastic writer. She definitely brings out all the feels, and I love that she is able to write such real and believable books. They might not be pretty, but they always feel true to the characters. I absolutely couldn't wait for more of Grant after the first book, and he didn't disappoint. I love him and it was great to see such a different side to him in this book. If you haven't read Take Me for Granted (you definitely should!), you should start there before reading Take Me with You as it is not a standalone.

After everything that happened over Christmas break for Grant and Aribel, they are finally back together. Things appear to be going well, but they still have yet to deal with everything that has happened. They might be reconnecting physically, but they both know that they need to talk before they can get back to where they were. Just as it appears that the worst is over though, they find that they have even more obstacles to deal. Grant's past comes back and threatens everything that they have built and with the band's fame and success on the rise they will have all new problems to deal with. Not to mention Aribel's family has always had an idea of who she should be with, and Grant is nothing like they have envisioned for her. Can Grant and Aribel find a way to make things work, or will there be too many things trying to tear them apart?

I love Grant, but he definitely pissed me off a few times in this book. He is sweet and sexy, but he made some bad choices here. While I did have a few issues with him, I really loved seeing a different side to him this time around. We have been given even more of his backstory in this book, and he really had a vulnerability to him in this book. Aribel was there for him and did her best to support and encourage him, but it was clear that Grant was struggling. I thought that he really grew though, and it was nice to see him want to change some things in his life. Aribel also had her moments for me in this story, and I really felt like her biggest issue was communication. She wanted to talk and deal with certain things, and yet then she would shut Grant out and hide things from him. It was frustrating, and I felt bad for Grant. They were both new at a lot of things concerning relationships though, so it was interesting to see how they each learned to confront things separately and together. The chemistry and connection between these two was just as strong in this book though, and they could not have been more perfect for one another.

While these two were meant to be together, they had a lot of ups and downs. K.A. Linde did an amazing job making their story real and believable, and though it wasn't always easy, it was true to both Grant and Aribel. I did think that there was a bit with Grant that I could have done without though, and that was the fact that though he never cheated on her he was always thinking about other women. Every time he would see someone he was attracted to he would think about how hot she was and how he couldn't believe that he was turning her down or passing her onto one of the other guys. He would make it a point almost to remind himself that he could have them if it wasn't for Ari, and I just felt like because it happened repeatedly through this book that it cheapened things a bit when it came to his feelings and relationship. I realize attraction doesn't go away just because you love someone, but it shouldn't have been such a big deal in my opinion. He did more than make up for it with his actions and love for Ari, but I wish it would have happened a bit less. I still loved him though, and I would absolutely recommend this series. I honestly would love to get more of the other guys in ContraBand, as well as the guys from The Drift. I am really curious about them as well and hope that K.A. Linde will write their stories as well! If you aren't reading K.A. Linde, you are seriously missing out and I highly recommend giving her a shot as long as you remember to be prepared for angst and tons of feelings!

**ARC Provided by Shh Mom's Reading**

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