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Monday, June 1, 2015

ARC Review: One More Shot by Victoria Denault

I knew I had to read One More Shot after reading the blurb since it combines almost all of my favorite things! Not only do I love sports romance stories, but I love hockey heroes, combine that with a second chance best friends to lovers story and I am pretty much in heaven! This story was a really good start to the Hometown Players series by Victoria Denault, and I am looking forward to reading the rest of the books in the series after getting to know these characters! One More Shot is the start of the series, but it is a standalone as each book will be about a different couple. 

Jordan Garrison and Jessie Caplan were best friends throughout their childhood until one night everything changed for them. They finally gave in to their feelings for one another and shared an amazing night together. But then everything fell apart, leaving them both no longer speaking to each other and heartbroken. Jordan was drafted by the NHL and tried to fill his time with women in order to forget Jessie. Jessie focused on her career and tried to forget each new conquest she saw Jordan with on the hockey blogs. But when life brings Jordan and Jessie back together, they are both forced to remember everything that they once shared. Jordan is determined to win Jessie back, but Jessie isn't looking to have her heart broken again. Can Jordan show Jessie that things are different this time around, or will they both end up heartbroken for a second time? 

I liked Jordan and Jessie a lot, and I think a lot of their problems came from their age and some miscommunication and assumptions. These two had been so close growing up, and yet they didn't ever really get a chance to talk about how things had changed for them. Everything had happened so quickly between them that they were never really given an opportunity to discuss things and both of them jumped to conclusions and acted rashly. I loved that Jessie continued to have a relationship with Jordan's family though, as they had always been there for her and her sisters. Jessie was smart and dedicated, and I really liked that she didn't let anything hold her back. I do wish that she had taken a little more responsibility for her fault in their split though, because it felt like she was just as much to blame with her running off to Arizona and not speaking to Jordan again. He was never allowed to explain anything before she just ran off with no way for him to contact her, and I thought that was as much to blame for their problems as what Jordan did. Jordan didn't handle things the best after everything happened with Jessie, and I hated that he was such a manwhore that didn't really seem to see anything wrong with his actions. Luckily that changed as the book continued, and he did start to feel bad about it toward the end of the book. I do think that while Jordan didn't handle things the best, he did try to contact Jessie after everything that had happened. He should have tried harder and done it while he was sober and not just drunk, but he did make an effort and part of that was Jessie's sister's fault for the way she handled it as well. I enjoyed seeing Jordan and Jessie get to know one another again though, and it was clear that they had both never stopped loving one another, despite everything that had happened. 

I also really liked the secondary characters, especially Luc and Rose! I am excited to get to know them better and to read their story next! I do think that Jessie's other sister Callie was pretty bitchy, and I didn't like that she thought that she knew better than Jessie all the time on what Jessie needed in her life. A lot of what happened with Jessie and Jordan could have been different if it weren't for her interference, and I really didn't like that at all. I am curious to see what will happen with her in the future, but I had a really tough time liking her at all in this book. If you are a sports romance fan or just enjoy a good contemporary second chance romance, I would recommend this book. It was entertaining and enjoyable, and I really liked the story. I am looking forward to reading Making A Play next as Victoria Denault continues this series.

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